The celebrities who can’t stop using this £4.99 fake tan

It's cheap yet brilliant.

St Moriz

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When it comes to fake tan, St. Moriz is up there as a staple in any celeb's tanning essentials. This easy-to-use tan is a holy grail in the beauty world and it comes with an attractive price point, what’s not to love?

The tan is a favourite when it comes to budget beauty purchases, with its streak-free application that leaves a golden glow. In fact, St. Moriz tan is so great that it’s the key to many influencers’ and celebrities’ tanning routines. Whether you're looking for a classic gradual tan or want to up your mousse game, St. Moriz has it all.

The £4.99 St. Moriz Tanning Mousse is a staple beauty buy that’s renowned for its gorgeous bronzing results that everyone raves about.

St Moriz

Rrp: £6.00

Price: £6.00

From reality stars to fashion influencers, here are all the celebs that swear by the St. Moriz fake tan.


The celebs who swear by St Moriz tan

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Demi Jones

The season six Love Islander revealed that she is a huge fan of St Moriz during a YouTube video, specifically the Instant Tanning Mousse in shade Dark. “I’ve used this since I was 15 and I absolutely swear by it. Look at how big it is, it’s £5!” She explained to viewers that while she prefers to wash it off, the base colour is great too: “If you left it for eight hours you’d still be left with a lush tan in the morning. If I was going on a night out with the girls I’d put a layer of this on.” She advises: “If you’re new to fake tan or don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, I swear by this.”

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Chloe Ferry

Talking exclusively to heat, reality star Chloe Ferry reveals that theSt. Moriz Fast Self Tan Mousse is one of her beauty must-haves. She raved: “It makes me feel like I’ve gone from a two to a ten when I put it on.”

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Yasmin Devonport

Another fan of the St. Moriz tan is Yasmin Devonport. The influencer uses the St. Moriz Fast Tan Mist and commends the product for its glow. “It will change your life, it is just the best. It’s just an easy allrounder, it’s unrivalled,” she praises. “People associate St. Moriz with when you’re 15 when you’d use their Ultra Dark and look like you spent the last three weeks in the Caribbean. It doesn’t go too dark now and gives a really nice deep glow.”

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Sian Owen

The Circle star claims she’s tried every fake tan, but her favourite is the St Moriz Tanning Mousse. She told heat, “I just keep coming back to it. I’ve been there since I was 15, I just can’t get away from it! My skin is just used to it now!” Like us, she’s a big fan of its affordability: “It’s £5 a bottle and it does the job.”

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Abbie Holborn

In an interview with heat, Abbie Holborn said that she’s been a fan of the brand for a while. “I’ve used St Moriz Tanning Mousse for absolutely years and years and I used to always buy it at my local supermarket.”
The star was also recently an ambassador for St. Moriz’s campaign in which they partnered with Cybermile to raise awareness of cyberbullying and to promote kindness online. “I think so many girls know of St. Moriz now, it’s such a well-known brand. It’s so great that they’re raising awareness and educating everyone on trolling,” she said at the time.

What is the St Moriz tanning mousse?

If you're not totally sure how to fake tan, the St. Moriz Clear Tanning Mousse is a fast-drying fake tan with a streak-free formula. It’s ideal for creating a radiant glow and can be used to achieve both a lighter tan and a deeper bronze.

You can leave this one on all day before washing it off without having to worry about ruining your clothes or bedding, so that’s a win! But - if you're extra concerned you CAN invest in a fake tan sheet protector. Yep, they really do exist.

Not only is it affordable, at the cost of just £4.99, but it is also streak-free and formulated so that it's easy to use. The St. Moriz tan leaves a natural, sun-kissed look with its green undertones and gives the perfect streak-free finish. Its blend of tanning agents, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E help achieve that silky sheen anyone is looking for in a fake tan.

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