These fake tan sheet protectors are going viral on TikTok and they’re genius

Streaky sheets, be gone x


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The best fake tan sheet protectors mean that tan-stained sheets are a thing of the past. There's nothing quite like getting into bed and feeling satin sheets against freshly moisturised legs, right? But, when you're wearing the best fake tan, it can definitely add a different take to that. Instead of waking up to fresh bedsheets, you wake up to streaky, orange sheets instead. Eeek.

Especially for the girlies who love crisp, white bedding, a fake tan sheet protector is an essential. Yes, you heard us, an essential. They're the newest self-care saviour that'll save you time on binning your bedding or scrubbing out those pesky orange stains. And, they're definitely going viral on TikTok for a reason.

These viral fake tan sheet protectors have been spotted all over TikTok. With TikTokers claiming that using a sheet protector means that they don't wake up to see that their gradual tan has developed not just on their legs, but on their bed too. However, we've also found a few other options to shop from, including a budget buy for just £13.

The best fake tan sheet protectors at a glance:

The best budget fake tan sheet protector: Sassy B Pouting Lips Pink Tan Protector Sheet, £13 at Argos

The best highly-rated fake tan sheet protector: Tan Fan Self Tanner Sleep Sac Pink, £36.99 at Amazon

The best affordable fake tan sheet protector: Revolution Beauty Self Tanning Sheet Protector, £16 at ASOS

So, if you're not wanting your face tanner to transfer onto your pillows, a fake tan bedsheet protector is the way to go. There are even fake tan sleep sacks to keep you cosy while you sleep without the risk of staining the sheets! Check out the best fake tan protector sheets here on heat.

SHOP: The best fake tan sheet protector

The best budget fake tan protector sheet

Huns, get yourself into bed with this tantastic Sassy B Pouting Lips Pink Tan Protector Sheet. No need to worry anymore about your tan transferring on your fresh bedsheets. Easy to use and slip into, with elasticated corners that make it adapt to any size bed, this sheet protector is the best budget buy on our list.


  • Fits any bed size
  • Easy-to-use side poppers
  • Suitable for machine washing and tumble drying


  • No reviews

The best highly-rated fake tan sheet protector

Tan Fan Self Tanner Sleep Sac Pink
Price: $45.99

We are obsessing over this Tan Fan Self Tanner Sleep Sac. This little care package is perfect for taking on your holidays because it folds up into a cute multipurpose storage pouch. The best thing? You don't have to sacrifice the feel of silky sheets, as this breathable, lightweight and cooling polyester fabric doubles up as a silky feel. It also comes in navy if you'd prefer dark sheets.

Customer review: "What a fab purchase! I'm totally chuffed with it. It's the details that make this stand out for me. From the luxury feel of the material to the gift bag and the cute door hanger!! AND it does what it's supposed to do... keeps your quilt, sheets and pillows free from tan streaks!!! It's big enough to shift about in if you have restless legs and has openings at the bottom to stick your feet out. It just felt really luxurious and the blue colour is gorgeous! I'm going to get another one for a friend-its such a cute gift idea!"


  • Two different colours available
  • Made from silky polyester fabric
  • Comes in a multipurpose storage pouch


  • Pillow protector may shift through the night

The best affordable fake tan sheet protector

We love Revolution for their beauty essentials, and this Revolution Beauty Self Tanning Sheet Protector that you can snap up at ASOS is no exception. With a handy reusable storage pouch, it makes it great to take with you on your travels or store away after you're done. Made from breathable polyester, the sheet feels nice against your skin.

Customer review: "Really good idea for holidays etc and stopping the sheets getting ruined! It’s quite a tight space, at home I use a double duvet case, but didn’t find that tan rubbed off because of it. Nice silky feel, packs up really small and light."


  • Currently on offer
  • Comes in a storage bag
  • Breathable material


  • May be narrow

The best fake tan sheet protector for a gift

Wanting to treat yourself or someone else to the Blossom Bronzing Self Tanning Sheet Protector? Being beautifully presented in a little gift bag package, it'd make a fab gift. But, if you're wanting to treat yourself to a beauty buy, we don't blame you either. Made from fully washable and moisture-resistant material, it now has added width for more room.

Customer review: "I honestly could not recommend this higher! I use self-tan on average twice a week and constantly have to change bedding, this product solved that issue in a matter of days! Super soft and comfortable, and it doesn't feel tight on you when you're sleeping. Its packaged really well so when you aren't using it it can just be hidden away. Honestly such good value for money and saves stripping my bed every other day! I will definitely be telling my friends to get one!"


  • Beautifully presented
  • Moisture resistant fabric
  • Fully washable


  • May not be as breathable as others


How to take fake tan precautions?

If you're wanting to avoid tanning your floor by accident instead of yourself, be sure to stand on an old towel as you're tanning. That way, you're protecting your flooring from stains from your St Mortiz fake tan!

Wanting to stop your hands from turning orange? Fake tan gloves might be the best idea. Or, moisturise the dry spots on your hands - so, your knuckles, your wrists, in between your fingers and the sides of your hands.

But, if worse comes to worst, a fake tan remover can come to the rescue! Simply apply some of this on that stubborn tan and you'll see it come off in no time at all.

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