The surprising £5.99 tool going viral on TikTok for a ‘flawless tan’


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by Annie Milroy |

We are ALLLLLLLLL about a TikTok beauty hack and often spend the better part of our days scrolling through the app to find the latest viral trend, and recently we found one that might just be the best yet...

So, it turns out that we might have been applying our fake tan WRONG this whole time?! Who knew?

Like most of us, we've been popping on our fav mousses, creams and oils with the classic fake tan mitt (or even our bare hands, guilty AF).

But we spotted a video recently by hondroutwins, who are the self-proclaimed TikTok tanning experts, who showed us the hack of the century.

They used medical gloves to apply their fake tan and the results were, quite literally, game-changing! There were zero streaks, no product absorption and the application looked completely flawless. We are totally SOLD.

Trust us when we say that we are throwing out all our old fake tan mitts and using this incredible glove hack from now on. Plus, it means less product waste too, which is insane.

This one was just too good not to share with you all, so you're welcome...

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