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Sian Owen self-care Sunday

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Sian Owen who starred in the first ever UK series of Channel 4's The Circle and came a very respectable third place. She now is slaying it as a DJ and radio presenter for Flex FM and is the host of binge-worthy podcast Levelled Up, all whilst studying for her degree in Fashion. The star is even dating Love Island's Rykard Jenkins and describes him as her 'best friend as well as her boyfriend'. SO CUTE.

Sian chats exclusively to heat about her experience leaving The Circle, her number one make-up tip and of course, her ultimate self-care Sunday...

On mental health

Sian Owen The Circle

Like most of us, Sian knows lockdown can be a struggle when it comes to your wellbeing, especially now that we're a year into the pandemic.

"I think as the pandemic started I was in my own little bubble and I actually enjoyed spending time with my family and not going out as much, I saved so much money where I wasn’t in STK every night or down in central just in clubs spending money! I think now it’s been a year, it has sort of taken its toll on me, it’s just got a little too long, hasn’t it?

I’m just making sure I’m doing little things to be happy, like making sure I get enough rest and just not putting on too much pressure on myself as well. I’ve been training a lot, my boyfriend Rykard is a personal trainer so we’ve been working out most days. It’s something to focus on, having little goals to focus on have been helping me."

Also I downloaded Animal Crossing and I’m really addicted to it! I’m such a nerd, honestly. I’m not a gamer, but I downloaded Animal Crossing and it’s taken over my life for the last four days."

Perks of having a large social media presence normally means free clothes and beauty samples, but Sian laughs it has meant she's really flourished on Animal Crossing, especially after her followers all offered to come to her island after she posted the game on her Instagram.

"I’ve now got about four million of Bells and I’m on two days of Animal Crossing! So my Animal Crossing game has been excelling really. " she laughs.

On leaving The Circle

Sian Owen The Circle
©Channel 4 | The Circle

Sian was on the first series of The Circle and admits she really didn't know what to expect leaving the show.

"I think because I went on the first season of The Circle, we had no idea what the response was going to be like from the public. I remember they said to use before we went in, ‘you’re probably going to come out with like 20,000 followers’ and it was like, ‘okay, cool, whatever.’

"I think I came out with like 90k, which compared the Love Islandlot is really nothing, but for me, I was like a little Topshop stylist and a uni student with like 800 followers before I went in there. So for me, that was just a massive change and something no one could expect."

"I feel like it got a really great' response from people, especially as it was a new and interesting show, I didn’t really experience any hate or negativity, it was all just love. It was really overwhelming actually.

How did Sian apply for the show? Turns out she didn't.

"I remember I was walking to work which was Topshop at the time and I got a little message on my Instagram and it was just like, ‘hi, we’re scouting for a new show, you seem like a funny girl, can I give you a call?’ I was like, 'what?!' Me and my mum thought it was fake at first!"

The message of dreams, eh?

On advice for anyone entering The Circle

"My advice would be to run with it!" she says," If you have a gut feeling that someone is a catfish, just go with it and trust your instincts. Because my gut got me through the show. You don’t really realise how dependant you are on your family or your friend’s opinions and when you’re sort of stripped from it all and you’re on The Circle, you’re like, ‘okay, I need to make this decision now on my own.’

"And have fun with it as well, because honestly, when you come out of there you’ll just be like, ‘aw I wish I could go back in!'"

On skincare

Sian Owen skincare favourites

"Skincare has literally taken over my life, I just love it so much. It’s not self-care Sunday, it’s self-care every night for me! So every night after wherever I’ve been, I’ll always dedicate an hour or two to skincare and just making sure my skin is fresh. There’s nothing better than waking up the next day without any spots and glowing skin.

I love Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, it’s my go-to product. I use it to take off my make-up everyday, even if I’m not wearing make-up, I cleanse my face with it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Price: $18.00
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"I love REN skincare, their Overnight Recovery Balmis just ridiculous. It almost feels like vaseline but maybe a bit thinner and it’s like putting silk on your face before bed and you wake up and your skin is just flawless. So every night without fail, I put that on, even if I’ve had a drink. I’ll sometimes wake up with stingy eyes where I’ve tried to do my skincare and it just ends up in my eyes! But I always put it on without fail.

I also get dark circles, I think it might be hereditary or from lack of sleep, but I use the REN Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream and that’s really good.

Another product I love isRevitalash. Oh my god, it’s literally amazing. I got it in the first lockdown, my friend actually four years ago got diagnosed with cancer, unfortunately. She went through chemotherapy and lost all of her eyelashes. She got recommended Revitalash and her lashes now are longer than eyelash extensions. It’s honestly mad. My eyelashes have got really long and thick, so that is something I’d definitely recommend."

On go-to fake tan

Sian is a huge fan of fake tan and always returns to her favourite budget option for a streak-free finish.

"I’ve tried every fake tan and you’re probably going to laugh, but I just keep coming back to St Moriz Tanning MousseI’ve been there since I was 15, I just can’t get away from it! My skin is just used to it now! It’s £5 a bottle and it does the job."

A girl after our own heart.

St. Moriz Professional Develop Tanning Mousse DarkFeel Unique
Price: £4.99

On her top beauty tips

From shoots to glitzy award ceremonies, Sian is no stranger to a make-up chair and shares some of her biggest tips she's learned a long the way.

"For me, it’s one or the other. Never go crazy eyes, crazy lip, always keep it subtle. If you want to build up, I always go for a dark under liner and when you’ve got lashes on, it really changes your eye shape. I also love primer and just making sure your skin is ready to get make-up put on, because oh my god, does it make such a difference.

I love using the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base ,your make-up just looks so different. One of my favourite make-up artists does most of my make-up for my shoots, she always just puts a sheet mask on me or eye masks just before. She then gives my skin a moment just to get plump and hydrated, before she does the make-up. It just changes the look of the make-up."

On her favourite beauty buy

"I loveFreck ! Rykard is always like, ‘what are you putting on your nose?’ I just love faux freckles. People always say to me, “your freckles are so cute” and I’m like, ‘thanks, I literally just drew them all on!” I think it just looks really nice in the sun, as well.

It’s a tiny pot and it’s honestly lasted me for over a year. You need to press it in with your fingers and keep dotting, because that’s what spreads the dots, if that makes sense. It just builds up and it looks so natural."

On podcast recommendations

Sian Owen Levelled Up Podcast

"I love Caggie from Made in Chelsea’s podcast, Saturn Returns and I also love 6 Degrees from Jamie and Spencer. Even though it’s quite weird as a girl to like things like that, but honestly I find their podcast so funny, it has me in tears. I love funny podcasts like that. I also love The Girls Bathroom with Sophia & Cinzia, that’s really good.

I like a podcast when I’m driving home from the studio after I’ve been DJing. Because obviously it’s been two hours of music and vibing, but when I come out, it’s nice to listen to something different."

On getting the ultimate Instagram pic

"Number one thing is lighting. Honestly, if you’ve got good lighting you are away. I live in an apartment in South East London, got a balcony and it gets great light, but if that sun isn’t shining or it’s a dark day, just don’t even bother! The last photo I actually posted was in my hall way in my apartment and Rykard had a huge light shining on me and took the photo. If you’ve got nice natural lighting though, it just helps the picture so much.

I actually got this little box light,it’s tiny and it just fits in your bag. All my mates who are influencers have it. Belle Hassan has one, loads of girls I know have them. We literally take them out on a night out and if we need to get a pic we just whip the light out and it’s instant good lighting, it’s great!"

Quickfire Round:

Show you're currently binging? Married At First Australia

Go-to cuppa? A hot chocolate with oat milk

Favourite loungewear brand? I love Nicki Studios, their tracksuits are elite.

Favourite face mask? MIJ face masksby Maya Jama

Go-to takeaway order: It has to be sushi!

Shop Sian's self-care favourites:

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Sian Owen's self-care favourites

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm1 of 6

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

St. Moriz Professional Develop Tanning Mousse Dark2 of 6

St. Moriz Professional Develop Tanning Mousse Dark

MIJ Face Mask3 of 6

MIJ Face Mask

ren4 of 6

REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

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RevitaLash Advanced

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Animal Crossing New Horizons

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