I tried on Adanola’s new in section and here are my honest thoughts

It's the athleisure brand loved by Molly-Mae, but is it actually any good?


by Aimee Jakes |

I'll admit it, I can't remember the last time I wore 'real clothes' on the weekend. My current everyday aesthetic is a playful mix of 'Range Rover mom' meets 'being comfortable at all costs' and I probably have more gym leggings than knickers/friends/unread emails.

So, you can imagine how chuffed I was to discover Adanola, the athleisure brand which prides itself on chic basics, oversized tracksuits and flattering gym outfits. So chuffed, I vowed to buy the entirety come payday.

The brand is loved and worn by plenty of celebs, including Molly-Mae Hague, Michelle Keegan and Kourney Kardashian and honestly, I can't go on Instagram without spotting one of the cult 'ADA" hoodies on a very stylish influencer.

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Reader, in short, I just want to wear cosy gym wear all day and Adanola is giving me the goods.

So, in the name of journalism (and my future wardrobe) I tried on some of the new in bits from Adanola to give you my honest and unfiltered opinion. Buckle in.

Note: I wear a size 10 in most clothes and I'm 5'6.


Adanola new in section: Is it actually any good?

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I am wearing: Ultimate Leggings in Black (£39.99) in size small and Soft Ultimate Tank Bra in Marshmallow White (£32.99) in size medium.

Let me just first say: these are the best black leggings I have ever tried, ever. I am extremely fussy when it comes to leggings, they need to fit my waist AND thighs (a difficult feat) as well as not going baggy on the knees, not looking bobbly after two washes and looking smart enough that I could wear them to the office. So, congrats, Adanola! You win!

I will say, I much prefer the Ultimate Leggings I'm wearing here to the newer Soft version as the latter is a teeny too big around my waist and doesn't make my bum look half as good. But they are very comfy and if you don't have problems with standard leggings fitting you - I say, give them a go! But standard Ultimate leggings for me, pls.

I am yet to try Adanola's sports bras and loved the flattering fit. I'm also a big fan of a longline sports bra so can't wait to never take this off. It feels pretty secure for running errands and lifting weights, but I wouldn't wear it for running, especially if you're blessed in the boob department. All in all, soft, flattering and easy - I recommend.

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I am wearing: Ultimate Leggings in Black (£39.99) in size small and Long Sleeve Zip Up Top in Black (£42.99) in size medium.

I really like this zip up jacket/top and it's giving me Range Rover mom in the best way (though something my Gen Z sister despises, ha!) I love how it pulls in your waist and is a total dupe for the Lululemon Define Jacket for over half the price. The sleeves are nice and long and I enjoy the little thumb holes, too. I can see myself wearing this for all my important errands (read: venturing to Sainsbury's Local for more Marmite).

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I am wearing: P Oversized Hoodie in Grey Melange (£54.99) and P Sweatpants in Grey Melange (£49.99) both in size medium

Adanola's tracksuits are the best on the internet and no, I have not been paid to say that! They're just the right amount of oversized, thick and weighty to keep you warm this winter but still undeniably soft. The joggers are high-waisted and cuffed at the bottom which I prefer and I can confirm the hoodie is extra snuggly.
I could probably have gotten away with a smaller size, but I recommend getting your usual for that slouchy, just-borrowed-your-boyfriend's kinda vibe.
It's the perfect set to spend the whole of Sunday indoors whilst watching old Friends episodes and wondering which cheese-slathered takeaway to order (Dominoes, always).

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I am wearing: Ultimate Leggings in Black (£39.99) in size small and Bomber Jacket in Black (£129.99) in size medium.

I haven't tried any coats or big jackets from Adanola before and was pleasantly surprised at how thick and warm it was and the quality is truly sublime. My only slight criticism is it feels maybe a little too cropped for me? Maybe? I could only really wear it over ultra-cropped tees or sports bras. But then again, I did say I was a gymwear queen now and what else am I going to wear!
So, if you wear a lot of cropped t-shirts or want a jacket to wear over your gym fit, you will love this extra-pouffy bomber jacket.

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