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best scrunchies

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The scrunchie is probably the best thing (aside from MOM jeans) to come out of the 90s, tbh.

If you're wearing a funky scrunchie, you can tie your hair up in a messy bun, throw on any outfit and call it a style statement.

No other hair accessory is so practical yet also has the power to totally transform your look and we have no choice but to stan.

Bad hair day? Scrunchie. Unexpected outdoors activity? Scrunchie. Spin class? Scrunchie.

So why not update your look and always be prepared with one of these wardrobe essentials? Here's our list of the very best scrunchies on the internet at the moment.

The best scrunchies 2020 to treat yourself to


The best scrunchies

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CREDIT: Amazon

Hoxin Girl Hair Band Artificial Faux Fur

best scrunchies2 of 11

Pearl scrunchie

best scrunchies3 of 11

Topshop satin scrunchie in lime green

best scrunchies4 of 11
CREDIT: New Look

3 Pack Multicoloured Spot Scrunchies

best scrunchies5 of 11

Organza scrunchie

best scrunchies6 of 11

Scarf-detail scrunchie

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CREDIT: Amazon

Zac's Alter Ego Pair of Luxurious Velvet Hair Scrunchies

best scrunchies8 of 11
CREDIT: Free People

Check It Out Super Scrunchie

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My Accessories London Exclusive borg scrunchie 3 pack

best scrunchies10 of 11
CREDIT: Claire's Accessories

Ribbed Velvet Hair Scrunchie

best scrunchies11 of 11
CREDIT: Boohoo

Mixed Animal Print 3 Pack Scrunchie

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Not only do scrunchies help you to look like your best 90s self, they might actually be better for your hair that ordinary hair bands.

Instead of using bands with a metal clasp that might pull on your hair, or an elastic band (please don't do this to your poor hair), try a seamless hairband or a funky scrunchie.

Fabric-based scrunchies or seamless hairbands put less strain on your hair so you're less likely to end up with breakages. Plus they look super cute.

If you've got long, thick hair and a scrunchie isn't holding up, try a few hair grips to keep your style in place.

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