Hailey Bieber: How to recreate her best outfits from the high street

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Hailey Bieber's best outfits and how to recreate them hailey bieber compilation

by Ruby Barry |

Hailey Bieber may be known for being married to the most important Justin in the world (sorry Timberlake- you mess with Britney, you mess with us), but Hailey Bieber, formally Hailey Baldwin, is an icon within her own right. Born into the famous Baldwin family in 1996, she trained as a ballet dancer but went on to work an illustrious modelling career. Ralph Lauren, Guess, Vogue - you name it, she’s graced it.

After briefly dating Justin Bieber for a month back in 2016, they reconciled in 2018 and got engaged and married that same year.

No matter when or where the paparazzi catch her, she is always looking STUNNING. She has this modern and unique fashion style that we want to replicate. But of course- we don’t have that Hollywood bank account that the Biebers have, so here are 10 Hailey Bieber looks recreated using high-street brands. This means you can dupe Hailey’s style while also being able to pay your rent. We love to see it.

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How to recreate Hailey Baldwin's best looks using high street brands

1. Hailey's Cardy Co-ord Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

First outfit we're duping is this chic co-ord cardy look, worn when Hailey was spotted out on the town with her bezzy mate Kendall Jenner. Iconic duo.

ASOS DESIGN co-ord in textured boucle yarn in camel
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We love this set on ASOS as you get both the bralette and cardigan, in the same tan, camel brown colour as Hailey's.

Pieces Kesia high waist mom jean in blue
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Hailey is a fan of the mom jeans, and so are we. They literally look great on EVERYONE. Even our nan could rock them.

Bloom & Bay small hoop earrings
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Small, sweet, and pretty neat.

Accessorize layering necklace in gold
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Hailey wears this necklace with multiple outfits. For some reason, it's really exciting when you see a celebrity wearing the same thing twice. It makes them almost... human?

Tortoiseshell Effect Circle Buckle Belt
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Tortoiseshell is a vibe that never goes out of style.

ASOS DESIGN Nissa toe thong heeled sandals in neon orange
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Finishing off with these gorg flip flop heels which replicate Hailey's shoes perfectly. Who knew flip flops could have heels. It gives 100% L.A vibes.

2. Hailey's Jean Corset Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Hailey's second look is this quirky jean-corset jumpsuit outfit. No doubt it cost a fortune, so we've got all the different elements to make up the jumpsuit look, at a fraction of the price. (The gold hoops & necklace can be duped from outfit number 1!)

NastyGal Frayed Seam Volume Sleeve Corset Top
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CREDIT: Debenhams

Firstly, we'll recreate the top half using this denim corset top from Nasty Gal.

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

And for the bottom half, some baggy jeans in raw denim from Pretty Little Thing. Hailey Bieber loves baggy jeans, and she is defo bringing the 90s back to the fashion culture of today.

adidas Originals Nizza platform trainers in white Stradivarius flatform trainer in white
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Hailey tends to wear very expensive trainers, but why spend a bunch of cash when you can get cheaper duplicates for half the price. Think smarter not harder my friends ud83eudde0

Quilted Heart Crossbody Bag - Red
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CREDIT: Claires

We love Hailey's love heart bag, and we've duped it with this replica from Claires. Come through Claires ud83dudcaa

3. Hailey's Yellow Mop Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Ok, so this next outfit has been labelled by the internet as the "yellow mop outfit". Although the original coat from Bottega costs a whopping $10,000 (around £7,000 in the UK)... it does still look a bit silly. Here's a way you can recreate the look, without looking like a microfiber easy-wring spin mop. (The gold hoops and white trainers can be duped from outfit number 2!)

Faux Fur Teddy Long Coat - Oversized Style
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CREDIT: Ultamodan

Here's a dupe for the mop coat that still has that cute teddy fur element, and lemon yellow colouring.

Women Basic Pullover T-shirt Turtleneck Shirt Tops Shorts Sleeve Slim Fit Blouse
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Underneath the coat, Hailey wears a yellow wrap turtleneck, and we've found a great dupe here from eBay.

COLLUSION x014 90s baggy mid rise dad jeans in washed blue
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Hailey's back at it again with the 90s baggy jeans, this time in a light washed blue shade.

Girls Green Etched Frame Round Sunglasses
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CREDIT: New Look

Sunglasses for the paparazzi camera flashes, or if its too sunny outside (hahahahahaha say the Britons).

Coors Banquet Beer Since 1873 Logo Adjustable Hat
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CREDIT: Wear Your Beer

Top the outfit off with this Coors Banquet Beer cap. The exact cap Hailey dons is no longer for sale, so this alternative from Wear Your Beer is perfect.

4. Hailey's Leather Dress Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Outfit number 4 is this little leather diddy from when Hailey and Mr Bieber attended a celebrity party. She's even got a matching mask- we love a stylish health & safety queen. (the small gold hoops and necklace can be duped from outfit number 1!)

PU Leather Cisscross Backless High Slit Party Dress
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Starting off with this amazing dupe from Chic Me- an exact match!

ASOS DESIGN Nina strappy tie leg heeled sandals in black
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Another slam dunk match with these strappy heels from ASOS. So cute ud83dude0d.

Soft Voluminous Clutch With Square Ring Chain Shoulder PU Strap Zebra Print Sling Bag Big Silver Chain Handbags For Girl
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CREDIT: Grandado

Screw small clutch bags- the bigger the better (that's what she said). Case and point- this matches Hailey's mega-huge zebra clutch perfectly.

5. Hailey's Patterned Tracksuit Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Here Hailey is wearing the Bershka x Billie Eilish collaboration tracksuit. Unfortunately, this collection is now sold out, but the party's not over yet- we have a great alternative to replicate the look. (the small gold hoops can be duped from outfit number one!)

Topshop virtual reality print sweatshirt in black
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A fantastic substitute tracksuit set from ASOS, with a quirky Orwellian vibe similar to Eilish's design.

Accessorize pack of 2 hair scrunchies in black and iridescent
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In her outfit, Hailey wears a cute black scrunchie, but with this pack from Accessorize you get an extra iridescent scrunchie for when you're feeling extra adventurous.

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

Air Jordans are WAY too expensive, so here are some trainers from PLT with colour blocking that are at a beautifully affordable price. chefs kiss

6. Hailey's Puffer Neon Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

This look from Hailey is defo our favourite of the bunch. It's unique, futuristic, but also super comfy looking. (coffee cup not included!)

Oversized Man Hanfilled Curved Hem Gilet
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CREDIT: Boohoo Man

TADAAA- get an exact replica with this neon puffer gilet from Boohoo Man. As it is for a man's proportions, make sure to get a size down from your regular fit.

MissPap Balloon Sleeve Roll Neck Jumper
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CREDIT: Debenhams

Underneath the neon gilet, rock this black balloon sleeve sweater, which gives off the big shoulder vibes that Hailey seems to love. Can't relate, but you do you, Hailey.

The It Factor Vegan Pants
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CREDIT: Free People

These trousers from Free People retain the same leather texture and detail as the original- and it's vegan!

Pia Green Chain Woven Shoulder Bag
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CREDIT: Missy Empire

Match your bag to your gilet with this neon number.

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CREDIT: adidas

Try these Desna dupes which actually match the neon look (which Hailey's original shoes don't ud83dudc40)

7. Hailey's Teddy Coat Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Hailey clearly loves a fluffy coat, and who can blame her, with the cold Canadian weather (Canada is where she and Justin reside!)(the mom jeans can be duped from outfit number 1, and the white trainers from outfit 2!)

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CREDIT: Blue Vanilla

Dressing gowns aren't just for lounging in anymore- they're a fashion statement. Here's a fluffy-licious option from Blue Vanilla.

HARRODS  Mini Battersea Shoulder Bag
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CREDIT: Harrods

Hailey's original bag seen in the photo is from Manu Atelier and costs £435. Or you could just buy this similar bag from Harrods for only £50. The answer is obvious.

8. Hailey's Awards Show Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

For Nickelodeon's 2021 Kid's Choice Awards, Hailey wore this velvet bralette & skirt look with a buckle from Italian designer Alessandra Rich. When you hear a surname like Rich, you know what the lowdown is going to be on the price. However, we've made the look on a budget, so call us Alessandra Reasonablypriced.

Vesper Tall midi dress with cut out detail in taupe
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Combine the bralette & skirt into this bandeau cut out midi dress. Oh, and the cherry on top...

John Lewis & Partners Vintage Crystal Flower Brooch, Gold
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CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

Instead of an expensive buckle, place this stunning brooch from John Lewis on the top half of the dress- and you've got a dazzling look to behold.

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Penza pointed high heeled court shoes in rose gold
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Finish off with these brill shoes from ASOS, which match the originals.

9. Hailey's Checkered Shoulder Pad Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Ok, so this is a...look. Somehow, Hailey has managed to combine ginormous shoulder pads, checks and beige brown and made it look...good. Sorcery.

Topshop checkered blazer in monochrome
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With checks and a strong shoulder pad game, this tailored blazer is a match.

Beige Tailored Dad Trousers
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CREDIT: I Saw It First

Here's a great recreation of Hailey's original tan trousers.

Amara Blue Satin Embellished Slingback Pumps
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Holy smokes- an exact match for Hailey's shoes! These give us major Cinderella vibes.

MissPap Quilted Zip Clutch Bag
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CREDIT: Debenhams

Again with the humungous clutch bags Hailey- what exactly are you needing to carry around with you? Here's a more reasonably sized dupe...

10. Hailey's Cropped Shirt Look
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CREDIT: Getty Images

Our final Hailey Bieber paparazzi look is this stylish summer set-up.(The beige trousers can be duped from outfit number 9, and the small gold hoops from outfit number 1!)

ASOS LUXE cropped shirt in white
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Cropped for your pleasure. Ok, that came out wrong. Basically, it's a cropped white shirt.

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What a match! Another 90s item Hailey is bringing back to the fashion world is the kitten heel, and we can't complain. The shorter the heel, the longer our patience lasts while wearing them.

UO Chain Accent Croc Shoulder Bag
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Finally, a normal-sized handbag from Hailey. This croc number from UO is a beaut.

Weekday Run rectangular sunglasses in off white
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To top everything off, here are some very swanky sunnies from ASOS.

And that's your Hailey Bieber wardrobe- sorted!

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