Love Island 2022: where to buy the most popular men’s shirts worn on the show

The patterns! The colour! The charisma!

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by Aimee Jakes and Ruby Barry |

Love Island 2022 is over and boy, what a season it has been. And what a season of men's shirts it has been, too.

There have been arguments, a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star serenade, and so many cheeky Hideaway flings. The Casa Amor drama officially ended us. And Adam Collard returned to the villa? AKA Love Island's biggest player? Shook. We're gonna need three to five working days to recover from this series.

We can't believe we won't be seeing our winners/parents Ekinde on our screens anymore. How did eight weeks travel so fast?

Let's be real though - the real star of the show (aside from the Crocs) were the men's funky yet stylish shirts. After a year of neutrals and loungewear, we loved the suave, stylish outfits worn by Dami, Luca and Davide.

But what were the top-selling Love Island men's shirts of the season, and where can you buy them?

From Hawaiian floral shirts to sexy see-through linen shirts, here's where to shop the most popular Love Island men's shirts in 2022, ranked by the ones you loved the most. Spoiler warning - it's a lot of Davide. What can we say? The Italian Stallion knows how to dress.

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The best Love Island men's shirts and where to buy them 2022

Love Island Davide's White Textured Shirt (Week Three)
1 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Over this Love Island series, Davide opened up and came out of his shell, and we've all discovered what a massive loveable dork he is.

DUPE: ASOS Topman seersucker textured shirt in white (£34)

Love Island Davide's Brown Textured Shirt (Casa Amor Recoupling)
2 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Our divorced parents eventually got back together, and we couldn't be happier. Pop open the champagne.

EXACT MATCH: De Facto Regular Fit V Neck Short Sleeve Shirt - Beige (£22) SOLD OUT

DUPE: Mango Lyocell Fluid Shirt (£45.99)

Love Island Davide's White Textured Polo (Week Four)
3 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

We have to admit, we had the goofiest grin on our faces watching Ekin-de's first date.

EXACT MATCH: boohooMAN Muscle Fit Ribbed Tape Revere Polo (£14, was £20)

Love Island Luca's Date Outfit with Danica (Week Two)
4 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Man...Luca did not want to be on this date with Danica, did he? He was wifed up with Gemma from day three and never looked back.

EXACT MATCH: Paul James Men's 100% Ultra Fine Cotton Buttonless Polo Shirt in Chalk Blue (£50)

Love Island Davide's Black Muscular Fit Shirt (Week Two)
5 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

One thing is for certain: this fight was SPICY. Davide also looked extra spicy himself in this muscular fit black shirt, and we've got a great dupe from boohooMAN.

DUPE: boohooMAN Short Sleeve Denim Shirt in Muscle Fit (£17.50, was £25)

Love Island Dami's White, Black and Blue Aztec Patterned Shirt (Week Three)
6 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Antigoni is stunning, but we're really glad Dami pursued Indiyah in the end. Plus, we're glad Dami went on the date anyway because he is comedy gold.

EXACT MATCH: ASOS DESIGN revere Aztec stripe shirt in blue and black (£26)

Love Island Jacques' White Textured Polo Shirt (Week Three)
7 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Jacques and Paige shared their first proper kiss in week three and it's fair to say they had a rocky start from there. Jacques' shirt (also worn by Andrew) is currently out of stock, but we've got a cheaper textured white polo dupe below.

DUPE: ASOS Only & Sons Oversized Textured Revere Polo in White (£22)

Love Island Davide's Pale Yellow Polo Shirt (Week Six)
8 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Only our fav divorced parents would have a screaming match, and two seconds later be making dinner for the children.

EXACT MATCH: H&M Slim Fit Fine-knit polo shirt (£10, was £17.99)

Love Island Luca/Jacques' Striped Blue Polo Shirt (Week Two)
9 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

We saw this stylish striped polo shirt worn by a few Islanders at this point, including Luca and Jacques. It seems Gemma has a thing for men who rock polo shirts. We've found the exact match here available in sage, as well as a fantastic dupe from ASOS.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Pash Half Zip Colourblock Polo T-Shirt (£60, was £110)

DUPE: ASOS Abercrombie & Fitch Vertical Neutral Stripes Oversized Short Sleeve Rugby Polo in White (£35)

Love Island Jacques' White & Green Jacket (Week Four)
10 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

During the heart rate challenge, whilst a lot of the boys wore items they'd previously worn, Jacques' sported this retro green striped jacket. Are we still not over his heart rate being the highest for Gemma? No. Will we ever get over it? Probably not.

DUPE: Jack & Jones Premium zip track jacket with side stripe in green and beige (£45)

Love Island Davide's White Linen Shirt (Recoupling)
11 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

No more Oscar-related arguments outside of Love Island please, Mum and Dad.

EXACT MATCH: Land's End Men's Short Sleeve Linen Shirt (£33, was £55)

Love Island Luca's Eagle Bomber Jacket (Week One)
12 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Just when Luca has bagged Gemma (after bagging Paige... and Tasha too), Gemma's ex Jacques walks through the door. Trouble ensued.

EXACT MATCH: Superdry Vintage Suikajan Jacket (£99.99)

DUPE: boohooMAN Limited Edition Eagle Embroidered Bomber (£45.50, was £65)

Love Island Luca's Black and White Shirt (Week One)
13 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

"I GOT A MESSAGE". Luca was trying to be Ovie 2.0 here, but who can be on the same level as Mr Ovie Soko?

EXACT MATCH: River Island Navy Slim Fit Knitted Polo Shirt (£27)

Love Island Davide's Blue Linen Shirt (Baby Disco)
14 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

This is hands down the funniest picture to ever come out of Love Island. The baby holding the bowl of crisps. Davide's unbothered face. His wrinkled shirt. It's just too much.

EXACT MATCH: M&S Collection Pure Linen Shirt (£39.50)

DUPE: Mango 100% Linen Slim-Fit Shirt (£49.99)

Love Island Davide's Checkered Shirt (Week One)
15 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Remember when Davide beefed with Luca back in week one? Man, what a time. We've got an exact match for Davide's checkered shirt, which he pairs with a white tee.

EXACT MATCH: Superdry Original & Vintage Trailsman Shirt (£44.99)

Love Island Davide's Yellow Flower Print Shirt (Week One)
16 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

I think the majority of us would agree we could've done without seeing Davide and Ekin-Su absolutely eat each other's faces off during this episode. As Dami said though, "congrats!" to them.

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN relaxed revere shirt in white with floral print (£17.50, was £25)

Love Island Jacques' Blue Varsity Bomber Jacket (Week Two)
17 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

Does anyone still know what "squeaky bum time" means? Anyone?DUPE: boohooMAN Melton Bomber with Arm Badge (£35, was £50)

Love Island Luca's Beige Knit Sweater (Week Two)
18 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Luca was quite a bitter kipper in the villa - he was probably having withdrawal symptoms from his fish. We've found several dupes for his beige/ecru-coloured sweater here.

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN muscle fit textured knit half zip jumper in beige (£24, was £30)

DUPE: ASOS Selected Homme quarter zip jumper in beige (£34, was £45)

Love Island Davide's Beige Linen Shirt (Week One)
19 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

This was single-handly the most awkward date on Love Island... ever. Well, at least they got a nice glass of lemonade out of it. And Davide's shirt was cool.

DUPE: Cotton On Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt (£19)

Love Island Jacques' Blue and White Windbreaker Jacket (Week Three)
20 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

That game of truth or dare was the spiciest party challenge in Love Island history. It was also when Indiyah and Dami shared their first kiss 🥺.

DUPE: ASOS Nike Retro Varsity leece jacket in off-white/navy (£80)

Love Island Luca's White Polo Shirt (Week Three)
21 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Luca's recoupling speech for Gemma was so darn adorable, and he looked extra handsome in this simple but classic polo shirt from Reiss.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Cumbria Open Collar Knit Polo Top, White (£60, was £98)

DUPE: Moss White Pique Polo Shirt (£24.95)

Love Island Liam's Tokyo Tee (Week One)
22 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Love Island's official Insta captioned this one "Remembering that thing I did three years ago on September 3rd, at exactly 3:07 pm". Yep, Liam's face hits too close to home.

EXACT MATCH: ASOS DESIGN oversized t-shirt in navy with Tokyo city layered text print (£14) SOLD O**UTDUPE:** ASOS DESIGN t-shirt in black with Tokyo chest city print (£14)

Love Island Luca's Pink Textured Shirt (Week Six)
23 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

It was relaxing to watch this adorable date between Luca and Gemma. We've got some super affordable recreations of Luca's pale pink number.

DUPE: Debenhams Red Herring Short Sleeve Seersucker Shirt (£10, was £20)

DUPE: ASOS Topman textured shirt in pink (£34)

Love Island Deji's White Graffiti Shirt (Week Six)
24 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Not only were Deji's facial expressions hilarious, but his shirts were stylish as heck, too. This one is only £20? Thank you, Deji for putting us on this trendy number.

EXACT MATCH: Light in the Box Men's Graphic Collar Button Down Shirt (£20, was £38.62)

Love Island Luca's Blue White Piping Revere Shirt (Final Date)
26 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

The only thing we could think of during Luca and Gemma's final date was... isn't this the same pond that Faye and Teddy were forced to stand in last year??

DUPE: M&S Collection Cotton Modal Knitted Polo Shirt (£29.50)

Love Island Luca's Green Zip Neck Shirt (Week Eight)
27 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Will Gemma be able to sleep soundly ever again without Luca creepily whispering in her ear? These are questions preying on our minds now that Love Island is finished. We've got an identical dupe for Luca's shirt here.

DUPE: M&S Autograph Silk Cotton Knitted Polo Shirt (£35)

Love Island Dami's Coral Orange T-Shirt (Week Six)
28 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Dami is now fully driving on the road to Indiyah. Petrol tank full and snacks for the road trip included.

EXACT MATCH: Cotton Traders Crew Neck T-Shirt in Clementine (£6, was £9)

Love Island Davide's Blue Polo Shirt (Week Eight)
29 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

We love how Davide and Ekin-Su were snuggled up together during the voting, spilling the tea. We can always count on the parents to make great telly.

EXACT MATCH: Paul James Men's Midweight 100% Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (£60)

Love Island Dami's Coral Satin Shirt (Week Two)
30 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

So we're all in agreement that Dami was by far the most entertaining islander in the villa this year?

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN regular satin jacquard shirt in coral (£14.50, was £26)

Love Island Dami's Date with Indiyah Purple Shirt (Week Three)
31 of 54
CREDIT: ITV pictures

DAMIYAH DATE 😍 These two were practically beaming whenever they were around each other. Dami went smart and simple with this purple t-shirt.

EXACT MATCH: ASOS Jack & Jones Originals oversized t-shirt in lilac (£10)

Love Island Billy's Satin Hawaiian Shirt (Recoupling)
32 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Remember when Billy's crush on Danica started after his jaw dropping at her flexibility? 😵

DUPE: Light in the Box Men's Shirt Floral 3D Shirt (£22, was £43.77)

Love Island Andrew's Blue Crane Print Shirt (Week Six)
33 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Running out to see the ever-so-talented Becky Hill, Andrew sported this stunning Reiss crane print shirt. Unfortunately, it's now out of stock, but we've got a stellar dupe.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Gigi Printed Cuban Collar Shirt (£75, was £95) SOLD OUT

DUPE: Thread Percival Cuban Collared Shirt (Crane, Navy) (£89.90, was £129)

Love Island Luca's White Zip Neck Sweater (Week Seven)
34 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Guess who should permanently stick their nose out of Tasha's bees wax? Mr Luca Bish.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Hero Funnel Neck Half Zip Jumper (£30, was £88)

Love Island Davide's White Linen Shirt (Movie Night)
35 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Take a shot every time Davide calls Ekin-Su a "LIEYYRRR". Don't get too drunk, now.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Greenwich Soft Wash Button Down Oxford Shirt (£68)

DUPE: De Facto Modern Fit Long Sleeve Shirt - White (£14, was £26)

Love Island Luca's Black Long Sleeve Sweater (Week One)
36 of 54
CREDIT: @lucabish

Touching ankles is very raunchy according to Luca... each to their own.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Ashdown Golf Half Zip Polo Shirt in Black (£78)

Love Island Dami's Purple Ribbed Sweater (Casa Amor Recoupling)
37 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Man, that recoupling was... intense. "May the best heartbreaker win"? We couldn't stop gasping at the screen. Bring on the drama, ITV. We've got an affordable dupe for Dami's look here.

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN muscle fit textured knit turtle neck jumper in purple (£15, was £25)

Love Island Remi's Striped Shirt (Elimination)
38 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Poor Remi, we didn't get to see much of him before we said farewell. We did vibe with his leaving outfit, though, and just had to find a dupe for it...

DUPE: ASOS Jack & Jones Originals revere shirt in red stripe (£17, was £20)

Love Island Jay's Brown Ribbed Shirt (Week Three)
39 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

When Paige accidentally hinted that Jay didn't care about his looks, we squealed. Have to disagree their Paige, we're loving Jay's brown ribbed shirt, it's summer fashion at its best.

DUPE: boohooMAN Short Sleeve Revere Oversized Pleated Shirt (£21, was £30)

DUPE: Maniere De Voir Pleated Shirt in Brown (£59.99)

Love Island Josh's White See-Through Shirt (Week Five)
40 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

Danica and Josh seemed like a perfect match, but it wasn't meant to be 🥲.

DUPE: boohooMAN Short Sleeve Revere Sheer Chiffon Shirt (£8, was £20)

Love Island Josh's Black V-Neck Shirt (Casa Amor Entrance)
41 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Josh said he likes it when you can hear a girl's bum clapping as she walks... who is going to tell him that only works for cartoon physics? We'll let him live in delusion land for now, though.

EXACT MATCH: New Look Black Satin Short Sleeve Shirt (£10, was £19.99)

Love Island Andrew's Dark Green Polo (Week Three)
42 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

At one point during the series, we shipped Andrew with Flat Ted more than with Tasha.

EXACT MATCH: Paul James Men's Lightweight 100% Cotton Short Sleeve Zip Neck Polo Shirt in Olive (£55)

Love Island Dami's Blue Corduroy Shirt (Coupling Up)
43 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

There's nothing fitter than a man with an open shirt in the summer. We've got a dupe to die for that contains all the elements of Dami's original look. Aka, corduroy galore.

DUPE: ZAFUL Corduroy Solid Color Casual Short Sleeves Shirt (£22.42, was £31.39)

Love Island Dami's Transcience T-Shirt (Week Three)
44 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

Only the Love Islanders would have a serious argument whilst effortlessly lounging on the day bed. We fell in love with Dami's Transcience shirt, but the original from ASOS is out of stock. Never fear, we've found a great graphic tee dupe that Dami would defo approve of.

EXACT MATCH: ASOS DESIGN oversized t-shirt with circle and flower contrast print in black (£12) OUT OF STOCK

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN oversized t-shirt in black with butterfly front print (£14.50, was £18)

Love Island Dami's Gucci Navy Bowling Shirt (Week Six)
45 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Both Dami and Adam were seen wearing this vintage Gucci bowling shirt, so we've got the exact place to buy it, as well as a more affordable dupe.

EXACT MATCH: Gucci GG Bowling Shirt (£643.38, was £1,305.33)

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN relaxed revere bowling shirt in red with chest embroidery (£26)

Love Island Davide's Denim Shirt and Cropped Jeans (Week Seven)
46 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Mum and Dad always seem to work it out in the end. And Dad - *cough* we mean Davide - was wearing this denim combo circa Timberlake in the noughties. Recreate the swanky look below.

DUPE: ASOS Bershka denim jacket in light wash blue (£29.99)

DUPE: ASOS DESIGN classic rigid jeans in in light blue - MBLUE (£22.50, was £30)

Love Island Billy's Orange Cloud Tie-Dye Shirt (Week Six)
47 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Billy looked extra handsome in this orange tie-dye number whilst hiding out on the balcony, and we've got the exact match right here.

EXACT MATCH: Giulio Men's 'Cloud' Short-Sleeved Shirt (£100, was £250)

DUPE: ASOS Bershka 70's Printed Shirt in Orange (£25.99)

Love Island Dami's Black & White Bomber Jacket (Week Seven)
48 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

A black and white bomber jacket is essential for any man's wardrobe.

EXACT MATCH: boohooMAN Melton Bomber With Contrast Trims (£24.50, was £35)

Love Island Samuel's Tiger Pattern Shirt (Entrance)
49 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

First to be introduced in the Casa Amor lineup was Samuel Agbiji, a model and content creator. We've got some stellar dupes for his tiger patterned shirt right here.

DUPE: boohooMAN Tiger Border Slub Revere Shirt (£12, was £25)

Love Island Davide's Lemon Yellow Shirt (Final Date)
50 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Hands up who cried during this date? Don't lie, we know you did 😭

EXACT MATCH: Gant Regular Fit Garment-Dyed Linen Shirt (£80.50, was £115) SOLD OUT

DUPE: DeFacto Modern Fit Long Sleeve Shirt - Yellow (£25, was £26)

Love Island Jacques' Grey Zip Neck Sweater (Week Two)
51 of 54
CREDIT: @loveisland

Ngl, if our partners accidentally said their ex's name WHILE THEY WERE IN THE ROOM... we'd disappear and never return tbh.

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Ashdown Golf Half Zip Polo Shirt in Soft Grey (£78)

DUPE: Land's End Men's Drifter Half Zip Cotton Jumper (£42, was £70)

Love Island Deji's Fine Striped Blue Polo Shirt (Elimination)
52 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

I don't want peace, I want problems, ALWAYS. 🥺😭 We miss you already, Deji.

EXACT MATCH: M&S Cotton Rich Striped Knitted T-shirt (£19.50) SOLD OUT

DUPE: M&S Cotton Rich Striped Knitted T-Shirt in Blue Mix (£14, was £19.50)

Love Island Luca's Black Zip Neck Sweater (Week Seven)
53 of 54
CREDIT: itv pictures

Tasha and Andrew were finally safe in the elimination vote, and Luca and Gemma end up being saved last. As Michael for The Office would say, "how the turn... tables."

EXACT MATCH: Reiss Blackhall Merino Wool Zip Neck Jumper (£98)

Love Island Liam's Date Night Striped Shirt (Week One)
54 of 54
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Liam deserves everything in the whole wide world. But... why was he talking like he runs an ASMR channel during his dates with bombshells Afia and Ekin-Su?

DUPE: River Island Navy Regular Fit Revere Stripe Shirt (£12, was £35)

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