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Piper Huxley
Piper Huxley
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Piper Huxley is a Commercial Content Writer working across brands like Yours, Closer and What’s the Best. She specialises in everything creative, which includes entertainment, fashion or gaming. From an early age, Piper found herself captivated by theatre, history and literature – and then, from there, she set her sights on a career in the industry that she was so passionate about!

Eventually, this led her to the University of Reading, where she studied for a BA in English Literature and Theatre; this is where her passions flourished into amazing collaborations and she was able to demonstrate her love for storytelling. Not only this, but Piper is a lover of audio drama and podcasting. Her love for sound design, foley and radio plays inspire her own creative work.

Using social platforms such as Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, Piper is ‘eternally online’, and as a result, is up to date with news, politics, trends and popular culture. Not only this, but she is an active member of a few fandoms, as well as online communities that strive for social justice.

Outside of work, Piper is usually seen re-watching a TV show, making obscene amounts of soup, listening to a podcast whilst playing on her Nintendo Switch, or staring at her pile of un-read books – which seems to be mysteriously growing…

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