EXCLUSIVE! Millie Court chats new EGO collection and her all-time favourite styling tricks

The Love Islander gives the low-down on how she dresses so well...

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From starting her career at ASOS to being hands down the best-dressed in the Love Island villa, Millie Court sure knows a thing about fashion.

From her signature mood-boosting dresses to oversized tracksuits and edgy evening ensembles that are worthy of their own Pinterest board, we would do anything to raid Mill's wardrobe for the day (and er, live in there, probably).

Now Millie has launched her veryown fashion collection with EGO and it's full of entrance-making party heels and statement bags to match, all made with your next night out in mind. Did someone say Hot Girl Summer, round two?

Ahead of the launch, we caught up with Millie to learn more about the new range, plus she shares her favourite styling tips and where she gets her fashion inspo online...

What's your favourite styling trick?

Millie Court

Something I always gravitate towards is having a staple suit in your wardrobe. I would personally say you need more than one and in different colours, because you can dress them up and down.

This is where I really get my money's worth because I could buy a dress, but I may struggle to wear it again differently, whereas a suit is amazing because it can be worn in so many different ways. You can dress a suit up in heels or dress it down with trainers. Suit trousers always have a really nice fit and you can wear them in the spring with a cute crop top and trainers. Or if you're not going to wear the trousers, you have a really nice blazer. I like ones that cinch you in at the waist and have really good detailing. If you want to get the most out of your money, a suit is the one to go for.

What's your everyday uniform?

Millie Court fashion

I'm not going to lie and it sounds so boring, but I've just been iving in my Puma tracksuit. When I'm doing errands or if I'm chilling at home, I love nothing more than a tracksuit. I'm working with Puma at the moment, so I have tons of their loungewear and I just live in it.

If I'm feeling like I want to dress up a little bit, my go-to is a pair of jeans, trainers and a cute crop top or shirt.

Puma boxy oversized sweat set in grey

Puma boxy oversized sweat set in grey
Price: £56

What's been your favourite outfit post-Love Island?

That's a hard question! I really loved my outfit from the ASOS Awards and it was quite different for me because I do normally wear lots of colour. I rarely ever wear just black, but I went for this black bandeau dress with these lacy gloves, the Versace platform heels and my glitzy Prada bag. I styled it all myself. Obviously, the dress and gloves were from ASOS and I jazzed it up with some designer accessories. I'm really proud of the look.

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram for #fashionspo?

I would definitely go to Instagram for fashion ideas, more than anything else. I follow @taramays25, she's probably my number one style influence. I'm just obsessed with her outfits. Her style is absolutely incredible. I say I'm colourful, but she is out there colourful!

I also follow this influencer called Leonie Hanne, she goes to a lot of Fashion Weeks and does really big events. She's got millions of followers and wears the most incredible dresses you have ever seen.

What's your favourite item in your wardrobe right now?

You know when you find a really good pair of jeans? Basically, I don't know whether I'm tooting my own trumpet here, but in my new collection with ASOS we've created the perfect pair of jeans. They're not straight leg, but they're not a wide leg, they're sort of inbetween. They've got a rip in the thigh area and they just fit me perfectly. When I wear them I just feel amazing.

What's your top tip for anyone wanting to find their own style?

Millie Court

I would say to always have good quality basics in your wardrobe. You need, say, your bodysuits in all the normal colours, like black, white and maybe nude. Make sure you've got a couple of good pairs of jeans, make sure you've got one or two good blazers. Then from there, that's when you can start finding things you want to experiment with, like colour or a cooler shape. If you've got your basics, you've always got something that will go with it. It might be daunting to buy something colourful and think, 'what am I going to wear with that? It won't go with anything in my wardrobe' but if you've got your staples and your basics, then you'll always find a way to wear it.

Congrats on your brand-new collection with EGO! What can we expect?

So the collection features heels and bags for spring and it's all very colourful. I feel like it wouldn't be a Millie collection if it wasn't colourful! I've got boots in there, heels, mules, platforms...we've tried to cover all bases with every type of heel. The bags all match a shoe in the collection as well.

We had our first meeting before Christmas last year and it's been in working since then. If I was to pick a high-street brand where I'd always buy my heels, it was always EGO. I've always been a customer and I've got shoes in my wardrobe I've had from them for years. I wore shoes from EGO in Love Island and I would say it was my number one brand where I went to buy my heels. This collection is just a no-brainer really and it's all been really, really exciting.

What's your favourite piece from the new collection?

It's a hard question as I do love them all! I do think my number one is probably the green knee-high boots. I am too obsessed, they're just amazing. Shop the full EGO collection, here.

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