The Prada Cleo bag is this autumn’s trending accessory, and we’ve found the best dupes to shop now

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prada cleo bag

by Marina Avraam |

Another season, another 'It' bag to go with it. As we store away our Prada Raffia Tote (and dupes) we enjoyed all summer, we welcome the autumnal accessory everyone is talking about - the Prada Cleo Bag.

The Prada Cleo Bag is ultimate 90s vibes, with its brushed leather, sleek curved lines, and a thin strap to fling over your shoulder. It's timeless, easy to wear and like all designer bags - will cost you a pretty penny. That is, unless, you opt for an equally stylish (and much less likely to cause you bankruptcy) high street dupe.

From Mango to H&M, the Prada Cleo Bag dupes are plentiful, perfectly emulating the timeless style of the designer bag for less than £30. The beauty of this bag is that you can just as easily wear it to the office, as you can to a dinner date, meaning you'll get a lot of bang for your buck.

So, get your wardrobe ready for the autumn season with our picks of the best Prada Cleo Bag dupes. Shop our top choices below.


SHOP: The best Prada Cleo Bag dupes

Mango Oval Short Handle Bag
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The only thing missing from this Mango dupe is the Prada logo, tbh. With a shoulder strap, oval design and finish that is nearly identical to the real thing, it's time to make this £29.99 accessory your autumn go-to.

H&M Shimmering Metallic Mini Bag
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Switch it up from the classic black with H&M's metallic version of the designer handbag. The perfect way to spice your outfit up for a glam event.

ASOS DESIGN Curved Leather Shoulder Bag in black
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Trust ASOS to supply us with the perfect dupe for pretty much any designer bag. Made of 100 per cent real leather, this ASOS DESIGN shoulder bag is affordable, and a dead-ringer for the OG.

ASOS DESIGN Curved Shoulder Bag With Flap in black
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If you prefer the flap version of the Prada Cleo bag, ASOS has - yet again - got your back. And for just £13? Sign us up.

PLT Cream PU Shoulder Bag
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Contrast your dark autumnal colour palette with this cream Prada Cleo lookalike from PLT. Also available in orange if you're feeling a little bit more daring.

Mango High Shine Shoulder Bag
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This Mango bag is a little shinier in texture, but just as bold in structure as the real thing.

M&S, Leather Shoulder Bag
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M&S is coming in clutch with a gorgeous Prada dupe made of 100 per cent responsibly sourced leather. Also available in tan.

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