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We’re still not over the cultural phenomenon that was The Queen’s Gambit, released on Netflix in October 2020. Precisely when lockdown had us just about losing it, Netflix brought us the uplifting and inspiring story of Beth Harmon, an orphan who paves her own way after finding a hidden talent for playing chess. She fights through hardships like drug addiction and family tragedy along the way too. It celebrates feminism, self-belief, and made us want to dye our hair ginger (…that might just be us).

Fashion has a huge part in the story, as costume designer Gabriele Binder's role was "always to connect back to the story through the clothes". Each costume was crafted exclusively for the show, but here at heat we are determined for you all to live out your Beth Harmon fantasy.

So, we’ve recreated eight of Beth’s outfits using affordable clothes from the high street, just for you. You’re so welcome.

Check out Beth Harmon's best fashion moments and how to recreate them on a budget

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The Queen's Gambit Outfits (and how to recreate them on a budget)

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CREDIT: Netflix

Let's start with the dress Beth wears for her first media appearance (and it's the dress on the poster!)

Womens Short Sleeve Black* Pleated* Skater Block Shift Peter Pan Collar Dress
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Almost an exact replica, and super cute.

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CREDIT: Netflix

She's late for her competition, but somehow she still manages to look fabulous- thanks to this gorgeous art-deco dress.

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CREDIT: Amazon

An exact recreation of the dress- amazing!

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CREDIT: Netflix

On a trip to revolutionise her wardrobe, Beth wears this cute number. We've re-created all the elements of the outfit, check it out below...

Pink Long Line Checked Borg Shacket
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CREDIT: I Saw It First

This coat re-creates the checkered, padded feel of Beths' in the show.

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CREDIT: Simon Jersey

This dress is very similar and gives off the business-woman vibes we love from Beth.

ASOS DESIGN Mabel snaffle loafers in black
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To round off the outfit, here are some elegant black loafers.

Beth's Finale Outfit
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CREDIT: Netflix

For the next outfit in this list, we re-create Beth's final outfit on the show, a white Russian style look. This is our personal favourite.

Cream borg teddy zip pocket coat
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CREDIT: Missguided

Let's get started with the white coat- this one is slightly different in style, but still gives that Russian-mafia-wife vibe, which is the most important thing.

Crease-leg trousers
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A nice pair of white tailored trousers- don't eat food around these.

ASOS DESIGN Elsie High Heeled Sock Boots in White Patent
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For the shoes, some snazzy sock boots, with a heel of course.

ZLYC Wool Beret Hat Classic Solid Color French for Women
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CREDIT: Amazon

And who could forget- the cherry on top, the iconic white beret!

Beth's Hotel Studying Outfit
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CREDIT: Netflix

Whilst studying for her next match, Beth wears this cute, comfy combo.

Black Belted Wool Look Trench alternative image Black Belted Wool Look Trench alternative image Black Belted Wool Look Trench alternative image Black Belted Wool Look Trench alternative image Black Belted Wool Look Trench alternative image  Belted Wool Look Trench
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CREDIT: Boohoo

Here's a dupe for the coat she arrives in, complete with a gold belt.

Turtleneck Soft Knit Long Sleeve Sweater
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CREDIT: Nasty Gal

Comfy turtle-neck realness.

Tailored trousers
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And some simple, tailored black trousers to finish.

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CREDIT: Netflix

While at her Mexico-City competition, Beth takes a dip in this gorg swimming outfit.

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CREDIT: New Look

To start, here's a similarly styled swim-suit from New Look, giving you that gingham pattern with a belt. Amazing

Ladies Classic Flowery Swimming Cap Retro Style Vintage Style Soft Rubber Easy To Put On Pretty Swim Hat Pin Up
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The most adorable thing we've ever seen, and totally vintage, this accessory will make you feel truly retro.

CityComfort Towelling Robes Mens and Women, Terry Bathrobe XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
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CREDIT: Amazon

Finally, this outfit is completed with a mustard towel robe- fashionable and functional.

Beth's Arrival Outfit
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CREDIT: Netflix

Next on our list is the outfit Beth wears when arriving at a lavish hotel for her competition. Check out the dupes below...

Midi Dress with Ruffle Details in Green
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CREDIT: Chi Chi London

This beautiful dress, evokes the same stylings as the original, with a bit of a twist. All the elements are there- v neck, pleats, just modernised a little.

Studio 8 Jackie Cropped Velvet Jacket, Black
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CREDIT: John Lewis & Partners

To complete this look, throw on this fancy velvet jacket, and you're good to visit any posh hotel.

8. Beth's "chillin' with Benny" outfit
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CREDIT: Netflix

For our final outfit, we will be recreating this totally rocking look that Beth wears while chatting away to swoon-boat Benny Watts. This outfit is the epitome of the "60s", and a perfect way to finish off the list.

Lily V Neck Lurex Trim Tee
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Keeping that navy, v neck style, this blouse from Wyse is the definition of chic.

Ivory Cotton Sateen Skirt alternative image Ivory Cotton Sateen Skirt alternative image Ivory Cotton Sateen Skirt alternative image Cotton Sateen Skirt
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CREDIT: Karen Millen

Moving onto the skirt, this Navy number from Karen Millen is a pretty amazing dupe (and comes in a variety of colours if you wanted to switch it up).

YOUR SMILE Silk Like Scarf Women's Fashion Pattern Large Square Satin Headscarf
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CREDIT: Amazon

Another amazing recreation is this silk headscarf by "Your Smile" on Amazon, which has that same cream colour with a floral print. As with the skirt, there are tons of colour options with this one, so browse to your heart's content!

Quay Australia Ever After oversized cat eye sunglasses in black
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To finish off this outfit, and our list as a whole, are these 60s inspired, cat-eye sunglasses from ASOS.

We hope you now have your Queen's Gambit wardrobe all planned out. Now, go on and live your best Beth Harmon life! Just got to learn how to play chess first...

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Will there be a season two of The Queen's Gambit?

Unfortunately, Beth's story ended for us with the season finale. Director and executive producer Scott Frank, confirmed in an interview with Deadline last month that they'd reached the end of the road with the series. "I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I worry — let me put it differently — I’m terrified that if we try to tell more, we would ruin what we’ve already told."

However, he agreed along EP William Horberg and actress Anya Taylor-Joy that they would certainly work together again, and "try to find another story to tell with the same passion and team of amazing artists". So although viewers say a farewell to the story of Beth, who knows what the brilliant team behind the Netflix series will cook up for us next. Exciting times.

This compilation of Beth Harmon being superior has us rolling...

The YouTube Channel "Polkavin" created a hilarious viral video, compiling the best lines from The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Here is our favourite Beth Harmon comeback:

Benny: “I know, but you’re not so good at that, remember?”

Beth: “I’ll bet you ten I can beat you.”

Benny: “But what if you throw the other games – you spend all your time against me”

Beth: “And what if I kick you in the crotch? I’ll bet you ten on each of them too?”

Benny: “Ok…its your money.”

Beth: “It will be.”

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