Ruby Matthews outfits: How to recreate five of her most iconic looks from Sex Education

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Ruby Matthews Sex Education

by Ruby Barry |

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that season three of Sex Education was released last month on Netflix, and we all collectively lost our minds. We couldn’t wait to see what the quirky, sexually frustrated students of Moordale were going to get up to this term. The new season certainly did not disappoint. Headteacher dictatorships, a France trip with faeces, and... Otis’ moustache. Shiver.

But there was one character who was a standout this season, and that was Miss Ruby Matthews, played by the amazing Mimi Keene. Season three revealed even more about the queen bee herself than previous seasons, and we are obsessed. Did this season result in us collectively wanting to rip Otis’ head off when he broke her precious heart? Yes. Yes, it did. No one hurts our Ruby.

As well as generally being an absolute icon, Ruby stood out for her impeccable wardrobe. So, we wanted to recreate five of her most iconic looks from the show using high street brands.

Check out Ruby Matthews' best fashion moments and how to recreate them on the high street

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How to recreate Ruby Matthew's wardrobe using high street brands

Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: Netflix

Season OneIn season one, episode one, we meet Ruby Matthews sitting with her squad as she called passing Maeve Wiley a "cock-biter". Yeah, not the best introduction, but hey, we needed a good villain. ✨ The prettiest villain✨ Here's how to recreate Ruby Matthew's very first outfit...

Button Blazer Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: Boohoo

We're starting off with this great match for Ruby's teal blazer. Boss ud83dudc4f energy.

Gingham sleeveless top red Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: Monsoon

Next up is a variation on Ruby's red gingham top, with this cute sleeveless option from Monsoon.

Mom Loose-fit Twill trousers Sex Education Season 1
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You can't go wrong with H&M trousers - that's what mum always used to say.

Pink and black RI buckle belts multipack Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: River Island

Ruby wears a pink belt in this look, but when you're feeling slightly more emo, there's a black version in this multi-pack too. And an R symbol on the buckle?! Perfect for Ruby.

Fiorelli mia leather loafers in fuchsia Sex Education Season 1
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Finish off this season one look with these cute pink loafers from ASOS.

And here's Outfit No.1 completed! Sex Education Season 1
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That's outfit no.1 completed!

Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: Netflix

Season OneAh, the infamous "it's my vagina" episode. This was our first glimpse into the character of Ruby, showing us she wasn't as tough as she let on. Ruby, we would yell about our vaginas for you any day. Here's our recreation of this second outfit...

ASOS DESIGN satin halter neck beach jumpsuit in green Sex Education Season 1
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This jumpsuit from ASOS is S T U N N I N G and is a great dupe for the original.

Womens Long Sleeve Wrap Over Bodysuit Tartan Army Dog Tooth V Neck Leotard Top Sex Education Season 1
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A tartan v-neck bodysuit to go under the jumpsuit. We call this "highlander chic".

Red Patent Faux Croc Buckle Waist Belt Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: New Look

Tie the jumpsuit/bodysuit combo together with this red croc belt.

ASOS DESIGN 14k gold plated 60mm hinge hoop earring Sex Education Season 1
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Ruby loves her extravagant earrings and you can't go wrong with hoops. The bigger the better.

COCIFER Purses and Handbags for Women Shoulder Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel Sex Education Season 1
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CREDIT: Amazon

Finish off with the yellow bag she sports alongside Olivia.

Outfit No.2 FInal Look Sex Education Season 1
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That's outfit no.2 completed!

Sex Education Season 2
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CREDIT: Netflix

Season TwoMoving onto season two now and the beautifully shot funfair episode. Of course, nothing was as beautiful as Ruby in this gorg outfit. Here's how we recreated this look...

Lioness cropped denim jacket in cobalt co-ord Sex Education Season 2
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Let's start things off with this bright cobalt denim jacket. No wardrobe is complete without a denim jacket. Period.

dolls kill Sugar Thrillz Wide Open Spaces Denim Bustier Top Sex Education Season 2
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CREDIT: Dolls Kill

Up next is the lace-up denim top, where we introduce this great dupe from Dolls Kill. And, because we're not masochists, we made sure the denim matched up to the jacket (we've got you, boo).

Heartbreak trousers co-ord in multi check Sex education season 2
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Ruby's wardrobe on the show combines cool with preppy in the best way possible, and these checkered trousers are giving us major academic diva energy.

Olivia Canvas Crossbody Bag - Camel Sex Education Season 2
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For the final handbag touch, consider this colourful striped option from Boden.

Outfit No.3 Final Look Sex Education Season 2
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That's outfit no.3 completed!

Outfit No.4 Sex Education Season 3
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CREDIT: Netflix

Season ThreeNow we get to the meat and potatoes, season three, and with that, Otis and Ruby's relationship. During the episode where Ruby gives Otis- sorry, "Otiy" a makeover, she wears this bomb outfit. Here are all our dupes to create the outfit...

Lazy Oaf Rodeo Romance Waistcoat Sex Education Season 3
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CREDIT: Lazy Oaf

BAM - an exact match! ud83dudc51

Topshop Petite mid blue heart oversized Mom jeans Sex education season 3
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So adorable ud83eudd7a

UO Striped Flip Top Webbing Belt Sex Education Season 3
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

This webbing belt brings us back to the early noughties - we don't know whether to celebrate or cringe.

Fiorelli mia grab bag in titania print sex education season 3
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We never understood girls who went to school with such small handbags. We get that it's cool but... where do you fit all of your stuff?

Pink Gold Combo of 4 Bracelets / Rose Gold Statement Cuff Bracelet Set / Pink Gold Plated Brass / Stacked Bracelets / Layered Bracelets Sex Education Season 3
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Ruby is never seen without some bangles, so throw this in your shopping cart for some instant Ruby magic ✨.

Red Tassel Earrings Sex Education Season 3
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Here's another Etsy find; these red tassel earrings match perfectly with the ones Mimi Keene wears on the show. We're super KEENE on these earrings...

Morella Women's Stainless Steel Necklace Gold with Pendant Letters Sex Education Season 3
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CREDIT: Amazon

If you wear a personalised initial necklace, you're a total maverick. Buy the "R" for Ruby, or rock your own initial in style.

ASOS DESIGN slim cat eye sunglasses in honey brown sex education season 3
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Complete the look with these honey brown sunglasses ud83dude0e

Outfit No.4 Final Look Sex Education Season 3
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That's outfit no.4 completed!

Outfit No.5 Sex Education Season 3
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CREDIT: Netflix

Season ThreeAt the end of the episode, Ruby realises she should accept Otis and the way he is (although that coat he wears looks like it desperately needs a wash). We love this lilac look, and couldn't wait to recreate it...

ASOS DESIGN wrap top with organza sleeve in lilac sex education season 3
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This wrap top from ASOS is a great dupe for Ruby's puffy-sleeved lilac number.

Geometric print trousers sex education season 3
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Rock these snazzy geometric trousers.

Truffle Collection ruched handle bag in lilac sex education season 3
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The Sex Education cast's wardrobe combines retro style with 21st-century fashion, and ruched bags are all the rage atm. But again... how does Ruby fit her homework in here? Her locker must be filled to the brim.

Acrylic Hoop Earrings sex education season 3
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We HOOP you love these earrings as much as we do...

Topshop metal round sunglasses in rose gold sex education season 3
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Perfect for pulling down and judging people.

Outfit No.4 Final Look
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That's outfit no.5 completed! And our list is done ud83dude0d.

And just like that, your wardrobe is Ruby Matthew approved 👍. Bring on season four.

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Chemistry on the set of Sex Education?

The electrifying on-screen chemistry between Otis and Ruby in the third series of Sex Education (plus a load of cute snaps of them hanging out IRL) got a lot of people talking about whether the pair were dating. However, it looks like the pair are just flirty friends as both Asa and Mimi are currently single. Boooo.

Speaking before the premiere of season three, the pair said that they were “already friends” before filming their first kiss and that by the end they were “like professionals” when it came to the intimate moments.

With season three ending with Maeve off to America, we can only wonder if she and Otis will last. Could Ruby and Otis end up together in the end? Probably not, but a girl can dream.

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