9 sustainable fashion influencers to follow on TikTok and Instagram

Want to be more fashion-conscious? Here are the best influencers you need to follow ASAP

Susustainable fashion influencers

by Lily Smith |

We could all do with being a bit more sustainable.

Whether you want to know more about making the most out of the clothes you already own or want to know where the most sustainable places to shop are. It can be really difficult to know where to actually start.

Well, don't worry because we've got you covered with nine of the best sustainable fashion Instagrammers and TikTokers to help you start your sustainable fashion journey.

9 sustainable fashion influencers to follow in 2022

1. Imogen Horton - @Imogenation

YouTuber and TikTok-er Imogen Horton launched the sustainably made brand The Hunny Store in 2018. The mum's small business offers cosy loungewear, gorgeous lip kits and stunning lashes to all us huns looking for a sustainable swap. All clothing is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester - and they plant a tree for every product sold.

Total follower count? 300K

3 reasons to follow? Be the first to know about Hunny Store drops, cute baby pics, plus Immy serves us some LOOKS

2. Elizabeth Joy - @conciousstyle

Creator and Podcaster, Elizabeth Joy, is all about education. Her Insta is full of information about how to be more sustainable - from the dangers of fast fashion to hosting your own clothing swap - Elizabeth has covered it all. You can also join her community page Conscious Fashion Collective for all your slow fashion brand tips.

Total follower count? 33k

3 reasons to follow? Daily OOTD's, Facts, facts, facts, plus sneak peeks at her latest podcast eps

3. Tommy Groenendijk& Jordan Deery - @Vintagestockreserve

Tommy and Jordan rescue abandoned clothing and transform it into unique one-off pieces. They document the whole process on TikTok via their fun videos. Although their clothing may be a tad on the spenny side, you really are getting a one-of-a-kind item - the benefits of sustainable fashion eh?

Total follower count? 1.8M

3 reasons to follow? Satisfying sewing videos, upcycling tips, plus we won't lie - these guys are easy on the eye.

Maggie Zhou - @maggie_zhou

Maggie Zhou is a writer, producer and sustainable fashion advocate. Maggie is all about wearing your clothes to the fullest - whether that's selling on the clothing you no longer wear or your fave jumper becoming your new fave PJs - Maggie's your gal to find out how to get the most out of your clothes.

Total follower count? 3k

3 reasons to follow? Hauls galore from sustainable outlets to thrifting finds, insights to her fun life in Aus, plus Maggie is a fan of a good TikTok trend or two.

5. Kat - @sweetsustainability

Kat is all about being sustainable on a budget - and she's here to help you do the same. The Ontario sweetheart describes herself as 'imperfectly sustainable' and covers not only the benefits of slow fashion but gives some great recommendations for being more sustainable in the bathroom and bedroom too. What more could you need?

Total follower count? 8k

3 reasons to follow? Top tips for starting your sustainable fashion journey, plenty of vlogs, plus Kat has some cheeky discount codes for sustainable brands in her bio

6. Leah Musch - @unmaterialgirl

Leah is a self-confessed former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist. Her Instagram follows her slow fashion journey and is the perfect place for a slow fashion beginner. Her guide for starting out is fab-u-lous - with recommendations for brands, documentaries and fellow bloggers to follow to get you going.

Total follower count? 18K

3 reasons to follow? Perfect for beginners, beaut photos, plus Leah's repurposing of her old clothes will inspire even those with the most basic sewing skills

7. Tracy - @TransformationsByTracy

Conscious New York City designer, Tracy, showcases her absolutely gorgeous designs on Tik Tok - reusing scraps of material or upcycling her old clothes to make STUNNING new pieces. All of which you can buy the patterns for on her Etsy. Just LOOK at those Bridgeton-esk tops.

Total follower count? 510K

3 reasons to follow? Regular vlogs of NYC, the sewing process from start to finish, plus sew-alongs up on her YouTube channel

8. Emma Slade Edmondson - @emmasladedmondson

Slow fashion OG and podcaster, Emma, is a Forbes 100 Environmentalist and founded @charityfashionlive - who recreate London Fashion Week looks using items found in 1 single charity shop. Her feed is pure joy - showcasing vintage gems, rented goods and sustainable buys.

Total follower count? 22K

3 reasons to follow? Bright and bold feed, lush OOTDs, plus Emma shares her holiday snaps that make us green with envy

9. Marielle Elizabeth -@marielle.elizabeth

Marielle is committed to making sustainable fashion easier for plus size babes. Founder of @lineage_photgraphy - the Canadian beauty gives us some great ideas for how to repeat and restyle outfits and we're here for it.

Total follower count? 60K

3 reasons to follow? Great recommendations, body positivity, plus Marielle can t-a-g - so we get all her recommendations

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