Wait – Mini UGGs can actually be waterproof?

Come rain or shine, we're UGGing it up.

waterproof your UGGs

by Marina Avraam |

Once upon a time, we turned up our noses at UGG boots, thinking we were better than them. Now, we're sat at our desks looking up how to protect them at all costs. Growth is what we're calling it.

As much as we love a baggy jean and mini UGG combo, the weather forecast is currently a little on the wet side to be risking those beauties in the rain. Nevertheless, we can't think of better shoes to wear in five-degree weather, which is why we did some good old-fashioned (TikTok) research on how to make our UGGS waterproof. As it turns out - we have options.

Starting from the most fashionable choice (depending on who you ask) you can buy UGG Boot Guards, which you simply slip onto your Mini UGGS to help protect them against the elements. They're available in a variety of colours, adding some pizazz to your shoes while also making them waterproof.

If you're not sold on the UGG Guard, you'll be pleased to know that waterproofing kits and protector sprays also exist, meaning you can instantly waterproof your UGGS with just a simple spritz. While we still wouldn't recommend landing feet-first in a puddle, a protector spray will definitely help guard your precious boots against occasional splashes and drizzle.

We've listed the best UGG protectors below to wear your fave shoes come rain or shine. You're welcome.

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Boot Guard
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UGG Boot Guard

Slip the UGGguard around your Mini Ugg to defend it against the elements. Also available in black and white.

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