Grace Beverley talks fitness routines, self-care and New Year’s Resolutions

Plus the most #extra thing she's done in the name of wellness 💅

Grace Beverley

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

Let's cut straight to the point. Grace Beverleyis career #goals. She started by sharing her fitness journey online but thanks to her dedication and drive she's now running multiple million-pound businesses including fitness platform Shreddy and ethical activewear brandTala. Not bad for a 23-year-old, eh!

The entrepreneur has also helped inspire a generation to work out and achieve their goals and listen, we love to see it. Grace is also releasing a non-fiction book early next year called, Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining productivity in the modern world, so get pre-ordering ASAP, especially if you have big plans for 2021 (cough, world domination, cough).

Grace spoke to heat about her skincare mantra, how she deals with negativity online and how she is planning for the year ahead...

On navigating 2020:

This year has been weird for us all and Grace explains how creating boundaries in her work and personal life has seen her through.

"For me, it's been about understanding that there is no ‘normal’ this year and understanding what keeps you happy and feeling rested. This year, that’s been all about creating proper boundaries with work and also understanding that sometimes the best form of self-care I can do it really lean into my work and see what I can improve, see where I want to go and see how I can get there.

For me, that’s been really important in understanding that self-care doesn’t just look like sitting back and doing face masks, but sometimes it’s really taking an opportunity where possible and making things happen."

Yep, self-care can also mean doing that thing on your to-do list and giving yourself the opportunities you deserve.

On dealing with online negativity

The internet can feel like the wild west at times and with over one million Instagram followers and two successful businesses, means Grace can sometimes receive unkind comments online. Her way of navigating the negativity? Dealing with it on a case by case basis.

"The more I’ve been on social media, the more criticism I’ve received, but I think it comes from a good place. It’s rare for someone to be big on social media and have two businesses, which comes with customers who need answering too - which sometimes comes to me.

I do have a responsibility there to make sure we’re doing the right thing, our customers are happy, and all of that. For me, it’s just been about understanding why people come to me when they do. Is it trolling or constructive criticism and what is the best way to respond to that? Sometimes it’s to do nothing. Sometimes it’s not constructive and it’s not nice, for me to preserve my mental health, it’s understanding that difference.

No one is really built to be dealing with all of these opinions flying at them left right and centre, but for me, it’s about understanding if it’s criticism and whether it is valid… even if it is valid, it might not be something I need to listen to at that time or would necessarily be good for my mental health."

On her current fitness routine

Despite seemingly taking a step back in terms of posting her own fitness content, Grace explains how she's still working out five times a week.

"I am currently doing Shreddy20, which is essentially a twenty-minute workout five times a week. For me, that’s perfect, because twenty minutes is never usually too much and it just requires me just getting out of bed and smashing it out. For me, I always like working out in the morning, as the chances of me working out after work are literally none!"

Grace is also a huge fan of supplements, but felt like she was compromising on quality until she brought out her own with Shreddy, which includes a vegan protein, BCAAS and a multivitamin drink named Daily Dose.

"I used to use supplements a good few years ago when I first started in the fitness industry, but I felt like I was always compromising something. Either they didn’t taste very nice or not vegan or maybe made me feel a bit sick or made my skin bad, whatever it would be. It was really important to me when we were creating the Shreddy supplements that we got that right. I’ve never tasted such a nice-tasting vegan protein!

I have a protein shake or as a breakfast smoothie. We also have the Daily Dose which has all your vitamins including b12 and Niacin, so it’s just amazing for getting everything in for hair, skin and nails. When I’m peckish but not really hungry, I’ll make myself one and it’s delicious. It leaves me feeling like a wellness queen!"

On self-care

For Grace, self-care is more than just candles and hot baths, but treating herself and her work with respect.

"I have very clear boundaries for when I work and when I don’t work. This has been the first year that I’ve actually been not working on weekends and it’s transformed my life, my quality of work and my quality of rest. I’ve been treating my work with respect and also treating myself with respect. For me, that’s what self-care looks like, it’s all about boundaries."

On wellness:

Despite feelin' like fully-fledged wellness queen when sipping on Daily Dose, Grace admits she isn't really a 'wellness' type person and prefers to stick with her favourites over trying new trends.

The most extra thing she's done in the name of wellness? "When I’m ill, I’m one of those people who combats from all angles! So I’ll be having ginger shots, I’ll be having probiotics and vitamin C... honestly, I’ll attack whatever is in my body. I’ll have the most supplements you could ever imagine."

Skincare routine

Followers of Grace will know that she's on her way up from a skincare journey and a half. For her, consistency is key to good skin.

"I have a skincare routine every morning and every night and I believe it’s always important to take the time. I suffered from bad skin two years ago out of nowhere and it hugely affected my confidence. It was important for me to establish a routine in making sure I was looking after myself. I know it seems like a small thing, but it was big to me. I actually use medicated products so I won’t say what I use, but they’ve hugely helped me. I’ve been down lots of various avenues to try and make it better.

I also love REN skincare. That’s been a huge change for me and there also amazing with their sustainability. I use their AHA tonic after I’ve taken off my make-up, I love their day cream, SPFand their face masks, they’re my absolute faves."

On good books

"I love reading before bed, I definitely should do that more, because of how much it helps me sleep.

Recently, I’ve readConversations With Friends by Sally Rooney and I’m currently reading, Where the Crawdads Sing. I avoid non-fiction before bed because otherwise, I’ll stay up thinking!

On New year's resolutions

Grace admits she hasn't got round to those yet, but already had lots to look forward to in 2021...

"I’ve given myself the luxury of Christmas off this year and I plan to do active time off. I’ve got lots of books I want to read and lots I want to do, I think that will very much be involved in that. I’ll be reviewing the past year and looking forward to the next.

I have my book being released in April and lots and lots of stuff happening with both the businesses. For me, it’s about plodding on through and trying to come out the other side alive!"


Show your currently binging? I just started The Crown, which I’ve been loving.

Go-to cuppa? An oat milk cappuccino is my go-to.

Favourite loungewear? It would have to be Tala Laze collection.

Ride-or-die face mask? Probably one of the REN ones, I try to avoid sheet masks as much as possible for environmental reasons.

Favourite candle? My friend and manager has just set up an amazing company called Daily Flame, which is all about natural candles and they’re all hand-made and everything. I’m absolutely loving those.

Grace Beverley’s debut non-fiction book Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining productivity in the modern world will be published in hardback in April 2021 by Hutchinson, and is available to pre-order now from all major retailers.

Shop Grace's self-care favourites...


Grace Beverley self-care faves

Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining Productivity in the Modern World1 of 6
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Working Hard, Hardly Working: Redefining Productivity in the Modern World

Preorder for Thursday, April 15.

REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream2 of 6
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REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

Pink Lemonade Daily Dose3 of 6
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Pink Lemonade Daily Dose

REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask4 of 6
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REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask

Conversations with Friend5 of 6
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Conversations with Friend

Snooze candle6 of 6
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Snooze candle

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