The Meggan Grubb wedding series: ‘You definitely don’t need a six-pack for your big day’

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Meggan Grubb wedding

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YouTuber and Beyond founder Meggan Grubb is getting married to long-term boyfriend Niall Kirkland this June. As we countdown to the big day, Meggs will be sharing the highs and lows of wedding planning, her fitness journey and her top tips for other brides-to-be...

On wedding planning

Meggan Grubb

Wedding planning is very up and down and I won't lie, sometimes it can be very stressful!

Now we're getting to the 12-week mark, we're getting to the nitty-gritty of the plans. We've just been sorting out the florists and deciding what type of flowers we want. We're thinking wildflowers to go with our sort of fairy, forest theme. We're planning a big arch at the bottom of the aisle and lots of fairy lights, too. We want to put them over where we eat like a sort of sparkly roof!

At the moment, we're thinking about wedding favours, so the little nice things to put on the table for the guests. Because we're getting married in Greece, we thought it'd be really nice for everybody to have some flip flops, so that later in the evening, they can go down to the beach and get out of their heels or their smarter shoes and really enjoy the night.

We're currently on the hunt for a new cafe patron, as that obviously got discontinued and I really want to have little mini shots on each seat in little glass jars.

It's all about smaller details at the moment which actually feels like the most stressful part as there is so much to think about. At first, you're just like, 'dress, music' and then you realise there's so much more to it.

Our wedding definitely isn't going to be really traditional, we want it to be quite funny. The officiant is going to be Niall's uncle and he's a poet and is going to read funny poems during the ceremony. We're planning to have a saxophone player playing party tunes before and after.

On fitness

Meggan Grubb

I'm definitely trying to focus on my fitness again and staying active, not that I wasn't before but I really want to feel the best version of myself on the big day.

I opened up on Instagram recently how I don't agree with the messaging around needing to lose weight for your wedding dress and you definitely don't need to have a six-pack to get married. When you start to set yourself really intense goals you can feel really overwhelmed.

I'm trying hard to take small steps and I think that's so important, whether it's a wedding, fitness goals or general life, the little things add up to big results. You can't just go from zero to one hundred!

Currently, I'm just trying to be more active day-to-day. I'm walking more and really conscious of getting in my ten thousand steps in, as that wasn't a huge priority before and it always just makes me feel so better in myself.

I've started wearing my Fitbit again as it tells me how many steps I do and I try to go for a walk first thing and again in the evening because I'm loving the lighter evenings and how spring is finally here.

On Sunday, I hadn't quite reached my 10,000 steps so I started walking the last thousand around my kitchen, because I was like, 'No, I really want to stick to this goal!'

On mental health

Meggan Grubb

Something that has helped me get into a better mindset is podcasts. I've never really been into them before, but I'm loving Stephen Bartlett's podcast, A Diary of a CEO. They explore meaningful topics such as productivity and positivity and it really helps me think about things from a different perspective.

Speaking to my mum is also helping me feel grounded. It helps that she's a qualified therapist and well, just my mum! I always think it's good to talk to people if you're getting overwhelmed or stressed about something. Just reach out to family or friends, someone that you trust, and they will flip your perspective and give you an outsider's point of view. Sometimes you do just have to take a step back, if something's all going wrong and start again, otherwise, you're just gonna get in a little bubble of stress!

Another thing that has really helped me during wedding planning is to set around three things that I definitely want to sort out at the start of the week and just focus on that. Then the next week you can sort through the next three and so on. It makes planning so much more manageable, rather than trying to tackle a massive list.

Currently obsessed with: A Diary of a CEO, I just listened to the Liam Payne episode and I love it.

Reminding myself that: it'll be okay in the end.

Feeling grateful that: it's spring and it's lighter again. Spring just feels lighter in every way.

I'm looking forward to: my surprise hen do in six weeks. The girls accidentally let it slip that we're going to Marbella!

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