You can now buy self-heating period patches from ASOS and we’re living

We owe you one, ASOS

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It's official, period pain has cramped our style for too long now.

When our period arrives like an uninvited guest into our home, we're getting the hot water bottle out, soaking in the tub and doing literally anything we can to relieve the pain.

Although self-care and face masks can sometimes help us to feel better about ourselves, they can only go so far. Thanks to our uteruses, we usually need something to get rid of those inevitable cramps that we know so well.

Ugh, we feel you, hun.

We've spent ages wishing we could bring our hot water bottle everywhere we go, but now ASOS have brought out heated patches for period pain and they're a total lifesaver.

See, unlike a hot water bottle, these cute little patches can be used on the go. They're compact enough to throw into your bag and use wherever you want. Oh, and did we mention that they're self-heating?

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These self-warming pads by Popmask work to alleviate those pesky period pains. Attach the patch onto clothing or underwear in the desired position and feel as they work their magic. Review: "These have helped me get through the days at work when I normally would have suffered! Really do last the 12 hours."

Because they're discreet, you can wear them on the bus, at work, or when you're on a shopping trip that's completely 100% necessary. Thanks to these patches, you won't be writhing around at your work desk in agony anymore.

So don't mind us while we add these to our baskets, babes. After all, they've totally changed the game.

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