Period gym leggings exist and they are a game-changer

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Period gym leggings

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We don't need to remind you - periods are annoying. Especially when you have a to-do list as long as your arm and all you'd really rather be doing is watching RuPaul's Drag Race in your best leggings and PJ tee, with a hot water bottle and enough chocolatey snacks to feed a small village.

Exercise can be hit or miss when it comes to your time of the month and if you feel up to it, getting a sweat on can really help ease PMS symptoms and boost energy levels. However, wearing a tampon or pad can be uncomfortable AF paired with something like tight running leggings, especially as you attempt your downward-facing dog/barbell lunge/lunchtime walk.

Period, er, can you not?

Thankfully, it's 2024 and there is an answer to your period-meets-exercise woes. Yep, 'period leggings' are truly the new heroes of our gym wear drawer. Thank you universe, for this wondrous gift of easy-breezy periods. These black leggings have specially designed gussets to make sure you have no leakage at the gym, whether that be period-related leakage, or just general discharge or down-there-sweat leakage. The period gym leggings solve it all.

What's more, think of the tampons and pads you are saving in the long run. Good for the environment and good for your bank balance. So, check out our shortlist below for the top three gym leggings you can buy to wear during your period - for light, medium and heavy-flow girlies.

SHOP: Best period pants to wear under your gym leggings

Already got a hefty collection of gym leggings (we can never resist a Gymshark sale) and want to try out something at a lower price point? Here is our pick of the best, most comfortable period pants to replace your pads and tampons.

Best heavy-flow period leggings

PUMA x Modibodi 7/8 Active Legging Moderate-Heavy modibodi

Introducing Modibodi's revolutionary 7/8 Active Leggings, which are surprisingly discreet, fashion-forward, and insanely comfortable. The OG for period leggings, the Modibodi leggings absorb up to 2-3 tampons worth (impressive, huh?), whilst remaining stain, odour, and bacteria-resistant for leak-proof action.

These gym leggings are also a great choice for anyone who suffers from bladder leaks, excess discharge, or sweat, as well as those who want to stay dry and comfortable on their period.

Sizing: 08/XS to 22/4XL

Absorbency: Moderate-Heavy

Review: "I cannot believe how fantastic the garment really is. Highly recommend. It is a lifesaver, I now can go to gyms without any worries of leakage."

Best medium-flow period leggings

WUKA Period Leggingswuka
Price: £49.99

No matter your choice of workout, the WUKA Period Leggings are great for moderate flow days and can hold two to three regular tampons' worth. These leggings have an impressive size range for great inclusivity and are made of recycled polyester, so you can be a sustainable queen.

Sizing: XS to 6XL

Absorbancy: Moderate

Review: "Wore these at the gym for the first time, what a great addition to my WUKA collection. They were comfortable, fitted well and didn’t move during my exercises. Felt really secure in them with no worries. Had some errands to run after the gym and they were a joy to walk around in too. Great product."

Best light-flow period leggings

Adidas Techfit Period-Proof 78 Leggingsjd sports

The Adidas Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Leggings are designed to be worn with your tampon, pad or cup. If you have a heavier flow or are prone to leaks, these leggings will wick and absorb with three-layer Flow Shield protection. Don't worry about the padding feeling bulky; it's discreet and built-in so you can have that added protection and stay focused on your gym sesh at hand.

Sizing: XXS to XL

Absorbency: Designed to be worn with period products

Review: "These are awesome! I was worried they would feel bulky with the extra “padding” but they are comfy and cute and not too compressing!"

Editor's Choice: best period pants

Modibodi Active Briefmodibodi

Wave goodbye to mishaps and say hello to the Modibodi Active Briefs. Guaranteed to be your new workout go-to, these briefs combat sweat, light to moderate period days, light bladder leaks, and heavy discharge. And, thanks to the breathable, moisture-wicking Merino wool, you'll stay cool, fresh, and dry throughout your gym set.

Have a heavier flow? It's recommended to double these up with your period-proof leggings.

Sizing: 08/XS to 18/2XL

Absorbency: Light-Moderate

Colours: Black

Other styles: Vegan Boyshort or Bundle Pack

Review: "Used this product for the first time this month. It's the most comfortable month I've had in a long time. I'm a triathlete and always train through my cycle. I was able to bike (wore them under bib shorts) and run very comfortably in these briefs. Absorption was perfect for my flow. They are easy to wash - I washed them in the shower and let them dry naturally. Absolutely love this product! Would highly recommend it."

Best seamless period pants

WUKA Performu2122 Seamless Midi Briefwuka
Price: £23.99

Available in single or three-packs, these midi-brief style pants will give you the full coverage you need without being noticeably bulky. The lightweight, seamless fabric means no VPL whilst the super absorbent hi-tech moisture barrier will keep sweat-wicked from your rump.

We're obsessed with the range of sizes available which means everyone can enjoy stress-free workouts.

Sizing: XXS to 6XL

Absorbency: Opt for light, medium or heavy

Colours: Black

Other styles: WUKA Swim Bikini Brief style or the WUKA Ultimate High Waist Heavy Overnight pants

Review: "These ones are really great, they fit so comfortably and have a really good cover for the pad section. They aren't bulky and sit nicely under clothes. I prefer the high-waist ones but these are a close second."

Best colour-option period pants

No one likes a VPL when they're doing squats in the gym, and this is where FLUX Undies Seamless Bikini pants come to the rescue. They're ultra-thin, super smooth, stretchy, quick-drying, and can be worn seamlessly under anything. All whilst keeping you leak-free with their signature built-in tech is able to hold two tampons' worth of blood for up to eight hours.

Sizing: XS to 3XL

Absorbency: Light to moderate

Colours: Black, Dusty Rose, and Beige

Other styles: Seamless Thong or their Classic Boyshort option

Review: "I ordered these in a size L and they fit perfectly, as well as being lovely and discreet. I bought these ones with the intention of using them at the very end of my period when my flow isn’t heavy enough to use a pad and they have changed EVERYTHING! Pads are really irritating on my skin, especially towards the end of my cycle for some reason, so these give me all the comfort! I was worried I’d feel gross using these (been using pads all my life) and they literally just feel like normal pants - no lingering blood or feeling that horrid leaking sensation in ya pants!! V impressed!"

Best comfortable period pants

She Thinx Sport PantiesShe Thinx
Price: £27.64 ($35)

Designed with a comfy, workout-friendly fit, these Thinx period pants are absorbent and inclusive, with a host of fun colours to choose from. With over 2,000+ reviews rating these an average of 4.8/5 stars, these are must-have pants for keeping you covered.

Some of the lovely customers found that these were super comfortable, thanks to the higher, wider leg holes, and found they gave them serious peace of mind whilst working out.

Sizing: XS to 4XL

Absorbency: Moderate

Colours: Black, Beige, Dusk, and Spicy

Other styles: Loads of other styles are available, though only the Sport is recommended for workouts

Review: "Fit so comfortably, are so effective and easy! I love them! I can't believe I have never had period underwear before. These undies are so comfortable and keep you so fresh that I forgot I was on my period (!!!) I am already planning on purchasing more and saying goodbye to tampons and pads. Why didn't I do this sooner?! Runs small - I am typically a size S, but they were too tight so I sized up to a M which is perfect!"

Period leggings FAQs

Got a burning question about the wonderful new world of period gym leggings? Never fear, we've probably answered your query below. Period, sis. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Won't I feel wet?

Not a chance. Period legging and pantie products match absorbency with your flow, to provide the driest leak-proof products on the market. As long as you know your normal flow tendencies, and match that with your purchase, you'll be A-OK.

Can I tumble-dry my period leggings?

Similar to caring for maternity leggings, while a one-off accidental tumble-dry won’t ruin your period gym leggings, we advise against frequent tumble-drying as this can reduce the garment’s lifespan due to a breakdown of the hi-tech function. Dry 'em in the sun, folks.

How do I know my flow?

If you're not sure whether your flow is light, moderate, or heavy, here's a quick guide from Modibodi to help you determine the absorbency you need from your period pants or leggings...

Superlight absorbency

2.5-5ml = 1 tampon or 1 teaspoon

For: Occasional discharge and little drips.

Light to moderate absorbency

10ml = 2 tampons or 1-2 teaspoons

For: Using alone on light-medium period days, as backup on heavy period days, for sneaky leaks and heavy discharge.

Moderate to heavy absorbency

15ml = 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons

For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets or sneaky wee leaks and heavy discharge.

Heavy absorbency

20ml = 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons

For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets, or for those 'I almost weed my pants' leaks.

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