The best running leggings for women under £50

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There are so many different kinds of leggings out there, you wouldn't think a decent pair of running ones would be so hard to find. But they are.

Some pairs slide down as soon as you set off, some bunch up around the ankles and some absolutely do NOT pass the see-through bum test.

These ailments really aren't ideal if you're trying to smash your Couch to 5K app - you need to be focusing on upping that pace, not whether your fellow runners can see your pants.

This is all very well and good but how can you achieve this without spending over 50 quid?

Luckily there are heaps of affordable brands, including some well-known favourites, that make brilliant cheap running leggings that'll last.

We're talking recycled fabrics, super supportive waists, concealed pockets and quick dry technology, all for under £50.

Check out our picks of the best running leggings for women under £50


Where to shop the best running leggings under £50

best running leggings
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CREDIT: Bamboo Clothing

Just the thought of bamboo leggings makes us feel all comfy, so these are a great shout if comfort is your main concern.Pros: super high waisted and comfortable at a great price.Cons: some reviews say they're not quite squat proof and can look a little see through, but they're OK for your morning jog.

best running leggings Adidas Own the Run 3 Striped Leggings
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CREDIT: john lewis & partners

There are lots of big brands producing excellent running leggings, but usually with a pretty high price tag. These tights from Adidas are surprisingly affordable and comfy to boot.Pros: the leggings feature reflective prints and are designed to keep you cool in warm weather too.Cons: reviews say they can come up a little big, so it might be worth sizing down for these.

best running leggings Adidas Alphaskin Long Power Laser Performance Leggings
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CREDIT: Start Fitness

If you love a funky detail on your leggings then you'll love these ones from Adidas. There are mesh panels and cutouts galore.Pros: they're made from 75% recycled polyester and are super compressing, which is great if you struggle with shin splints.Cons: they're not super high waisted, so if you're looking for more tummy support another style might suit you better.

best running leggings IGNITE Women's Running Tights
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If you're just starting out on your running journey then these could be a great pair for you. Simple, no fuss and you don't have to spend a whole heap of cash. If your size is not available on ASOS, you can also get them on the Puma website for £38 here.Pros: super sweat-wicking fabric and a comfy high waisted fit.Cons: there's no pocket or flashy patterns or funky colours.

best running leggings Kalenji Run warm+ women's warm jogging tights
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CREDIT: Decathlon

Under £20 for running leggings, you say? Impossible. Not so - these leggings are both super warm and super affordable.Pros: perfect for late night or early morning runners because of their super warm lining, plus two pockets and a second-skin feel.Cons: some reviews say the material bobbles more quickly than other leggings.

best running leggings Women's UA Armour Fly Fast Tights
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CREDIT: amazon

Under Armour has a whole wealth of great leggings, and these are the perfect all-rounder for fair-weather runners.Pros: these compression leggings help improve circulation and support your muscles on long runs, and have a pocket and reflective strips too.Cons: they're on the higher side price wise, and their size range isn't brilliant.

best running leggings
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CREDIT: Amazon

These leggings come highly reviewed and recommended as well as being super affordable, which is everything you need tbh.Pros: This pair has great pockets, some funky colour options and a super high waist.Cons: some reviews say they slide down on particularly vigorous runs.

best running leggings
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These leggings are great for everyday running and come in a gorgeous blue if you fancy a change from the usual black.Pros: a great price point and brilliant quick-dry technology.Cons: The waist isn't as high as some other designs.

best running leggings Odlo Smooth Soft Running Leggings
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CREDIT: Sports Shoes

If you're after a super sleek finish (who isn't?) then these are the leggings for you. And the price isn't too shabby either.Pros: they're entirely seamless for a second-skin feel.Cons: no pockets and reviews say they do come up a little large.


So, you've got your sports bra, water bottle, wireless earphones and leggings and you're all set to smash that PB.

Heat's top tips for choosing the best running leggings for you

Consider the fit: you've got to try before you buy. If the fabric is itchy or the waist doesn't quite sit right, you'll only come to dread your Monday morning run even more. Running leggings shouldn't feel tight, so make sure you're not cutting off your circulation.

Go for comfort over style: your leggings might have all the jazzy patterns in the world but if you don't feel comfortable you're not getting out on that run, simple as that.

Breathable fabrics are key: whatever the weather, you need your leggings to be breathable. No-one likes to feel like they're overheating on their run, so make sure your leggings are made from quality materials before you buy.

High prices don't always mean great quality: as you can see from our list, high prices don't always guarantee good quality. You can pick up a great pair of leggings from as little as £15, or you can spend over £100 and the quality might not differ that much.


What’s the difference between running leggings and tights?

They're both very similar. Both stretchy, both cover the legs, but they do have slight differences.

Running leggings are typically made from thick, opaque material that can be worn without shorts on the top.

They're breathable and worn for compression and warmth.

Running tights are very similar to leggings, only they're more translucent, and you need to wear shorts or another layer on top.

They're usually worn for thermal properties or for modesty reasons under shorter items of clothing.

You can also run in shorts if you can brave the cold, we recommend a pair of fitted cycling shorts for minimal flapping about.

What are running leggings?

Running leggings are usually long, lycra-based, opaque items of clothing that you wear for warmth while you're out on your run.

Basically, they're an essential part of your running clothes wardrobe.

How tight should running leggings be?

Running tights should be snug with no baggy areas, but not so tight that they stop circulation or become uncomfortable.

Compression tights are worn like a second skin, but they should still allow full freedom of movement.

Are running leggings worth it?

Yes, yes, 100% yes.

Running leggings aren't only super comfortable, but could actually enhance your performance with extra leg support.

If you're a legging enthusiast you could try a fitness subscription box like Fabletics where you get a new pair of fabulous leggings each month.

If you're after something cheap n' cheerful, try the Amazon fitness sale.

What are the benefits for running leggings?

Running leggings are super beneficial for your overall comfort but they also give you an extra edge as the compression (tight fit) enhances circulation to the legs and gives you more energy so can improve your performance in the long run!

As well as looking chic, running leggings can cool you down, warm you up, protect you from outdoor elements and even provide resistance on those rainy, windy runs.

They also make your peach look amazing, just like these scrunch bum leggings that are loved by celebs such as Zara McDermott and Chloe Ferry.

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