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Our ever-faithful best leggings have never known so much love - now, make way for Amazon honeycomb leggings. Once reserved for workouts, our gym leggings have been promoted to everyday wear thanks to the fact they're very cosy, they're stretchy enough to attempt a TikTok dance routine, and they go with EVERYTHING.

One style of leggings that is everywhere in Celebsville is the honeycomb. Worn by TV royalty such as Chloe Ferry, the rich and famous are loving Amazon's honeycomb leggings. Why? Well, it's all thanks to the leggings and their bum-sculpting superpowers.

Molly-Mae Hague is also a huge fan of wearing honeycomb gym leggings during her workouts, especially a pair of white ones. Luckily for you, we've got only the best for you to browse from Amazon in a range of colours. As loved by celebs, gym girlies and TikTok alike, they're an absolute must - whether they're a part of your gym routine or your couch-to-fridge routine.

The best honeycomb leggings at a glance:

Best honeycomb leggings (Editor's Choice): SEASUM Honeycomb Leggings (£12.99) - View offer on Amazon

Best highly rated honeycomb leggings: Memoryee Women's Honeycomb Leggings (£15.99) - View offer on Amazon

Best honeycomb leggings for choice: RIOJOY Women's Honeycomb Leggings (£16.99) - View offer on Amazon

Amazon's range of honeycomb leggings also includes the viral TikTok leggings loved by Molly-Mae's sister herself. Yep, celeb-endorsed gym wear doesn't need to cost the earth. Brb, off to buy them in every colour. Along with the SEASUM leggings recommended by the Hague clan, we've got some more of the best you can buy online.

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Best honeycomb leggings (Editor's Choice)

SEASUM Honeycomb Leggings

Rrp: £16.99

Price: £14.99


Loved by Molly-Mae's sister and practically the whole of TikTok, these SEASUM Honeycomb Leggings

Best highly rated honeycomb leggings

Memoryee Women's Honeycomb Waffle Leggings
Price: £15.99


As the highest rated on Amazon, the Memoryee Women's Honeycomb Waffle Leggings are an all-time

Best honeycomb leggings for choice

RIOJOY Women Honeycomb Leggings
Price: £16.99


There are SO. MANY. COLOURS. in the RIOJOY Women's Honeycomb Leggings. Naturally, we're a bit

Best flattering honeycomb leggings

Oielai TikTok Women's Honeycomb Leggings
Price: £20.99


These super flattering Oielai TikTok Women's Honeycomb Leggings are a light grey or white in

Best honeycomb leggings for lounging

FITTOO Women's Honeycomb Leggings
Price: £17.99


If lounge leggings are what you're after, look no further than these super cosy FITTOO Women's

Best honeycomb leggings with pockets

STARBILD Women Honeycomb Waffle Leggings
Price: £17.99


Perf for hitting the gym or going on a run, the STARBILD Women's Honeycomb Waffle Leggings have a

Best colourful honeycomb leggings

RIOJOY Scrunch Butt Honeycomb Leggings
Price: £12.99


Much loved by Chloe Ferry, colourful honeycomb leggings are a must. We want options, OK? These

Best scrunch-bum honeycomb leggings

RUIXUE TikTok Honeycomb Leggings

Rrp: £15.99

Price: £11.89


These RUIXUE TikTok Honeycomb Leggings offer all the shaping with the scrunch-bum seam designed to

Best short honeycomb leggings

STARBUILD Honeycomb Scrunch Butt Gym Shorts
Price: £13.99


Want to hop on the honeycomb trend but more of a shorts girl? These are perfect for you. These


What are honeycomb leggings?

As the name suggests, honeycomb leggings are leggings that have a 'honeycomb' pattern on them. They're also sometimes called 'waffle leggings' as well. Although they used to be reserved for workouts, they're an everyday staple in our opinion (they really are the new leather leggings). Don't just take our word for it, celebs are wearing them left, right and centre. Some honeycomb leggings also cross over into scrunch bum legging territory.

What are scrunch bum leggings?

If you love the look of honeycomb leggings but want more bum-sculpting power, then you'd better opt for a pair of scrunch bum leggings, my friend. What are they? Scrunch bum leggings are leggings that have a well-positioned 'scrunch' seam that accentuates your bum cheeks. This ultimately makes your booty appear bigger and more rounded.

Essentially, it has never been easier to achieve booty goals a là Chloe Ferry (yes, she's also a fan of the scrunch bum leggings. She truly just lives in leggings at this point.) Another fan of the scrunch bum leggings is Zara McDermott who swears by a pair from Amazon. Would you believe Zara McDermott's Amazon leggings only cost £26.99? What a steal.

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