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Garden parties will never be the same again...

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Inviting the girls over for some social distance drinks in the garden is our literal life right now... The vibe isn't complete without one of the best Bluetooth speakers, so that you can have some ABSOLUTE tunes playing in the background 🎵.

Anyone who is anyone has a smartphone, smart hub, tablet or laptop, which probs means you WILL vouch for the fact that you have the best playlist.

Instead of being THAT one person playing music directly from their phone, treat yourself to a cheeky little Bluetooth speaker, because there's nothing worse than that tinny sound of Sex is on Fire at the end of the night or worse - silence.

Small, powerful and without the hassle of wires, Bluetooth and WiFi wireless speakers allow you to play music from virtually any piece of tech, and they’re cheaper and more powerful than ever before. YASSSS this is what we're talking about 🎤⭐❤️...

But with so many to choose from, we’ve done all the hard work for you and put together a list of the best Bluetooth speakers so that you can throw around a shape or two 💃.

FYI we've selected our fave portable and fixed speakers at different price points, so there’s something here for you, regardless of budget. You're totally welcome 💰💰💰.

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The best Bluetooth speakers

Sony SRS-XB101 of 9

Sony SRS-XB10

If you're after a fun, compact, easy-to-use speaker then you can't go far wrong with this gem from Sony. It's available in a range of funky colours, and is affordable and consistent - what more do you need in a portable speaker?

We. HEAR 1/HEAR 2 Outdoor Bluetooth speaker2 of 9

We. HEAR 1/HEAR 2 Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

If you haven't already heard of them, these We. HEAR 1 or HEAR 2 Bluetooth speakers are what you should be grabbing rn. In pink, blue, silver and classic black, these will make everyone totally envious of you. There are two different sizes to choose form, depending on what you're looking for.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3, £113.483 of 9

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

This is what we're talking about... Ultimate Ears or UE has a reputation for making some of the best performing Bluetooth speakers you can buy, and the Boom 3 is one of its best. Combining 15 hours battery life and compact size with powerful room-filling sound, the Boom 3 provides ample bass, but conveys detail you wouldn't expect from a speaker this inexpensive and this small. If you're after a little more power, though, we'd suggest you try the larger, more powerful MegaBoom 3. Plus, it's so perf to use while you're having a couple of beveraginos in the garden. ud83cudf79

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom £52.934 of 9

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

OK so, UE are best at delivering great sound in physics-bending packages – and the Wonderboom is no exception. Like a compact ravioli packet full of your favourite tunes, the Wonderboom is also one of the cheapest speakers here – so rein in your expectations when it comes to sound ud83dude2c. However, it does come with an amazing party trick; the Wonderboom is waterproof and will actually float in water while streaming from your music device.u2b06ufe0fu2b06ufe0fu2b06ufe0f We all have that one pal that ALWAYS spills their drink, right? This will totes save the day.

Sonos One (Gen 2), £1995 of 9

Sonos One (Gen 2)

This is the M&S equivalent of speakers ud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02 - Sonos is known for its high-end, multi-room speaker systems, but the Sonos One is a great standalone speaker in its own right. Although this isn't a Bluetooth speaker as such – it uses your Wi-Fi network to stream music – it does PRETTY much the same thing, as long as you're using it at home. What's more, you lose Bluetooth but gain Amazon's Alexa assistant – something very useful if you intend on growing your Sonos system, or want to build up a smart home setup in the futureud83dudca1.

Marshall Kilburn 2, £2306 of 9

Marshall Kilburn 2

If you're looking for that retro vibe, you'll be all about this kickass speaker. A legend in the arena of rock and roll, the British brand is now also directing its expertise to Bluetooth speakers, and the Kilburn II is one of the impressive results❤ufe0f.On the outside, the Kilburn II borrows from the style and heritage Marshall has become known for over the last six-or-so decades (A LONG TIME - we know), and underneath it packs in great sounds and up to 20 hours of battery life.

Sony SRS XB31, £807 of 9

Sony SRS XB31

A list of portable Bluetooth speakers wouldn't be complete without something from the creator of the Walkman (Google it if you're not sure what it is), and the SRS XB31 uses all of Sony's expertise in audio to great effect. Featuring dual passive radiators along with a pair of stereo speakers, the XB31 provides punchy robust sound despite its compact size. It's available in a range of vibrant colours, and with 24 hours battery life, it lends itself to be used frequently and on the go. We'll take two! ud83dude0dud83dude0dud83dude0d

Anker Soundcore Flare £69.998 of 9

Anker Soundcore Flare

If you're looking for an boujee Bluetooth speaker for entertaining your pals, you can do much worse than the Anker Soundcore Flare. The Soundcore Flare gives you room-filling 360 sound from a relatively compact package and even throws in a rhythmic light-show. Throw in iPX7 waterproof certification and it's basically made for pre's. When pushed it won't sound as good as more expensive models, but it's impressive for the price – and you can even link more than one together.

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System, £1299 of 9

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System

SO, the SoundTouch is more than just a speaker. There's a dedicated smartphone control suite, six in-built one-touch presets allowing seamless switching between services like Amazon Music, Spotify and internet radio stations, and the speaker can be operated hands-free when paired with an Amazon Alexa device. Bose has provided its smoking acoustic quality and unlike some other home speakers, there is both WiFi and Bluetooth connections available, so you are guaranteed a continuous and stable connection around your home. It can be paired with other Bose devices for stereo and around house audio ud83dudd25.

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Where can you use Bluetooth speakers?

Erm... well, just about anywhere you want to!

We love using them for chill vibes with friends around or pumping up the music at a party. Choose a speaker that has good volume with good bass to really impress your loved ones.

Other than that, Bluetooth speakers are PERF for sports and workouts. Take them to the park for a joint workout sesh with your pals, or team sports and days out work well with Bluetooth speakers too.

Using these speakers in places like the beach and parks for general days out is great too. Basically, anywhere where you're gonna get loads of people together and have fun...

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