The best gratitude journals that will honestly change your life

They can work wonders for your mental health

best gratitude journals 2022

by Aimee Jakes |

When life is making you feel sad and unmotivated, it can be helpful to remember the things we have, rather than what we don't have.

The act of gratitude essentially involves taking time to remember what we're grateful for and allowing ourselves to feel happy they exist.

It can be anything from Disney+, red wine or that pal who's always got your back in a crisis.

Oh and the fact you're currently reading heatworld on an electronic device obviously counts, too.

So, why bother with all this gratitude lark?

Grateful people sleep better, form healthier relationships and are happier, according to Forbes.

And anything that encourages us to focus on the positive aspects of life sounds bloody brilliant to us.

From hardcore journals that will take ages to perfect (ideal for anyone who has time to kill, ha) to the low maintenance that do the task in hand, here are the very best gratitude journals for 2022...

CHECK OUT: the best gratitude journals that will change your life


The best gratitude journals

Gratitude Journal
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CREDIT: Amazon

Great for beginners, this journal prompts you to write down reflections, goals and things you're feeling grateful for.

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The best-selling journal from our favourite podcast duo, The Girls Bathroom's Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo. Not only does it encourage you to give yourself a daily compliment, but there is also space to jot down goals, plans and water intakes... all with plenty of life affirming quotes, of course!

90 Day Gratitude Journal with Prompts
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CREDIT: Amazon

The 90 Day Daily Gratitude Journal is designed to help you focus on being thankful for what we have life, the big things as well as the simple joys.

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CREDIT: Amazon

What a book. This is filled with activities and inspirational quotes designed to give you more clarity, focus and gratitude in the day ahead. There is also a journal designed for the evening if you prefer the idea of reflecting before bedtime.

Happiest journal
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This 30 day journal challenges you to write 3 new things each day, that you're grateful for. Doing this will train your brain to scan the world for more positive things. Great if you need a boost.

Self Discovery Journal
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CREDIT: Paperchase

Answer a question a day for the next 100 days and learn what makes you tick.

Enjoy the Now Gratitude Journal
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CREDIT: Anthropologie

This gratitude journal prompts you to reflect on the positive in your life while adding a touch of welcome mindfulness to your day-to-day.

The Positive Planner
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CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

Take yourself on a 12-week journey of self-care, gratitude and daily positivity with this planner, created to encourage you to make journaling and mindfulness an everyday practice. You'll find sections dedicated to daily intentions and reflections, a mood checker, as well as loads of useful tools designed to enhance positivity and manage your wellbeing. It also features everyday organisational extras such as meal planners, shopping lists and monthly diary spreads.

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