The highest-rated gratitude journals that will honestly change your life

They can work wonders for your mental health


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When life is making you feel sad and unmotivated, it can be helpful to remember the things we have, rather than what we don't have. The act of gratitude essentially involves taking time to remember what we're grateful for and allowing ourselves to feel happy they exist, which is where the best gratitude journals might come in handy.

Expressing gratitude can be anything from Disney+, red wine or that pal who's always got your back in a crisis. Oh, and the fact you're currently reading heatworld on an electronic device obviously counts, too. But, why bother with all this gratitude lark?

Grateful people sleep better, form healthier relationships and are happier, according to Forbes. And anything that encourages us to focus on the positive aspects of life sounds bloody brilliant to us.

From hardcore journals that will take ages to perfect (ideal for anyone who has time to kill, ha) to the low maintenance that does the task in hand, here are the very best gratitude journals for the year ahead...

SHOP: The best gratitude journals that will change your life

Gratitude JournalAmazon
Price: $4.99

A great one for beginners, this Gratitude Journal from Amazon encourages you with easy prompts to write down reflections, goals and things you're feeling grateful for. The step-by-step suggestions also help guide your practice so that you can continue in your gratitude journey and develop a more thoughtfully appreciative life.

Customer review: "I love this journal. It is just a quick way to be thankful and grateful. I especially love the way the cover feels. It has this smooth matte feel-like texture to the cover. I just love it!"

Simply Grateful Gratitude JournalNot On The High Street

This simple format of the Simply Grateful Gratitude Journal means you're able to practice gratitude with just a few minutes each day. Within a matter of weeks, you might even start to notice the true benefit of the change in mindset that comes with practising daily gratitude.

Five Minutes In The Morning: A Focus JournalAmazon
Price: $19.20

What a book. This Five Minutes In The Morning: A Focus Journal is filled with activities and inspirational quotes designed to give you more clarity, focus and gratitude in the day ahead. There is also a journal designed for the evening if you prefer the idea of reflecting before bedtime.

Customer review: "This is very much a "guided journal" which is a great way to get into journalling as you get pointers, questions with thoughts and topics to ponder throughout and it's not a diary so you don't have to make an entry every day, which can be daunting if you've never done it before."

Joy Gratitude JournalPapier
Price: £22.10 (was £26)

If you're looking for something a bit more for the long haul, the Joy Gratitude Journal from Papier covers five months of entries so that you can go at your own pace. Featuring both morning and evening prompts, affirmations and activities, this journal also comes in so many choices of uplifting colours that will just make your day that bit brighter,

Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of GratitudeAmazon
Price: $6.99

The Good Days Start With Gratitude contains a 52-week guide to help you focus on being thankful for what we have in life, from the big things to the simple joys. Each daily spread contains an inspirational or motivational quote, followed by a large space to write down what you are thankful for each day.

Customer review: "I got this for its intended purpose and that’s to sit and think about all the things I am grateful for. I liked the thought-provoking question at the end of every entry. Would recommend."

Personalised Gratitude JournalNot On The High Street
Price: £26.36 (was £32.95)

If it's a gift you're after, this Personalised Gratitude Journal is a thoughtful one. Choose between blush pink and lilac, and add their initials for a special touch. This journal has been made to help you see the good and find the joy in the little things.

The Positive PlannerNot On The High Street

Take yourself on a 12-week journey of self-care, gratitude and daily positivity with The Positivity Planner, created to encourage you to make journaling and mindfulness an everyday practice. You'll find sections dedicated to daily intentions and reflections, a mood checker, as well as loads of useful tools designed to enhance positivity and manage your wellbeing.

Customer review: "Absolutely beautiful book. So well put together. Sturdy and strong. A joy to use. It is helping me through a difficult time. Would thoroughly recommend."

The Happiest Gratitude JournalEtsy

This 30-day 'The Happiest Gratitude Journal' challenges you to write three new things each day, that you're grateful for. Doing this will train your brain to scan the world for more positive things, so it's great if you need a boost. Filled with bright colours and uplifting vibes, it really is the happiest gratitude journal.

Customer review: "Love this little book! it brightens my desk and just having it in sight makes me practice gratitude throughout the day. Other gratitude journals are gimmicky or have so much to fill out it feels like a chore but this pocket-sized positivity is just right!"

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