Ring, ring! The 1960s called and left their coolest vintage telephones to decorate your flat with

Texting is so last year, and retro telephones are SO in! Well, as a way to add a shabby chic vibe to your flat, anyway.

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Feeling in the mood to breathe new life into your place? I’m not talking about a spring clean either, ain't nobody got time for that. What I’m suggesting is that you finally get around to recreating one of your favourite designs from Pinterest. Don’t worry, we’ve all got screenshots and lists full of how we’d like to transform our homes, right?

If you’re OBSESSED with shows like Queer Eye, then I’m sure you’ve learnt a trick or two on how to change your home. Although, if you’re thinking about a statement piece, you might have overlooked one cool AF accessory (that can be practical too).

Vintage telephones are a fantastic way to add an air of shabby chic into a room. There are different designs and colours to choose from, so whatever you have splashed on the wall, you’ll be able to match it. BUZZING!

That’s what it’ll be doing when your family and friends start calling you. Top tip: You don't have to smash your mobile to use it, but it's a fantastic back up if you do. 🙈

And, this isn’t just one for the gram! You can spend hours catching up with your friends filling them in on the latest updates, rather than letting them read it on Twitter.

Whether you have this hanging up on your kitchen wall (styled like a typical 1960s kitchen) or sitting pride of place on its own table in your living room, this phone will look cool. Like, I’m talking Billie Eilish level of cool.

Think that this is a bit of you? Here are my favourite retro house phones that you need to decorate your flat with.

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It's vintage, darling...

Wild & Wolf Retro 746 in French Blue1 of 7

Wild & Wolf Retro 746 in French Blue, £32.50

If you were a 1960s girl about town, chances are you'd be gossiping away on this French Blue beauty. Instead, you're FaceTiming your besties to catch up. But, what if you're having a bad hair day? You can plug this into a UK phone socket (that's where your internet goes) and use it to chat to any distant relatives, who still might have a landline… But, how cute will it look on a grand side table with a lace tablecloth? Just like what your Nanna had when you were little. amazon.co.uk

Opis 1921 Cable, £89.002 of 7

Opis 1921 Cable, £89.00

Made of wood and metal, it's going to take pride of place in your living room and should only be used to make important calls – you know, stuff like ordering Dominos. This isn't a telephone for doing boring bits like paying the water bill. Despite looking like an antique, its compatible with today's telephone connection and you'll be waiting for it to ring off the hook thanks to its fun metal bell.amazon.co.uk

GUOJINE Classic Vintage Phone, £101.873 of 7

GUOJINE Classic Vintage Phone, £101.87

Slip into something seductive from Lovehoney and call up bae – this classic telephone is rather sexy and we can't deny we've fallen head over heels for it! It almost has a romantic Victorian feel about it. Doesn't it make you want to lounge around all day in a slinky dressing gown? Once you start chatting, you'll be reminded that there's something quite enchanting about taking time out of your day to catch up with the one you're dating. Amazon.co.uk

GPO 1970s Union Jack4 of 7

GPO 1970s Union Jack, £33.29

1960s eat your heart out... There's a definite touch of Britpop about this telephone and you could imagine Liam Gallagher having one of these in his pad. We love it because it's undeniably bold and patriotic, and makes a real style statement. The buttons are pushable, so you can even do your telephone banking on it if you need to, but we'd rather use it to make festival arrangements. OBVS!pmctelecom.co.uk

1950s American Diner Phone5 of 7

1950s American Diner Phone, £55

Oh Sandy, can't you see 'we're' in misery... Get that 1950s American feel with this gorgeous phone – it's got a definite touch of Grease about it so gather together your squad of Pink Ladies and pluck up the courage to call that guy you've been stalking on Insta for MONTHS. Even if you don't use this phone much, it sure does look swell! pmctelecom.co.uk

Wild Wood Retro 746 Telephone, £50.006 of 7

Wild Wood Retro 746 Telephone, £50.00

Forget the saying pink to make the boys wink – it's so outdated. But, blush pink accessories aren't! They're so on-trend right now. You don't need to run around the house with a fluffy feather boa to make this look at home. Instead, team it up with a shaggy rug and a cool, corner chair in the same colour. #housegoalsAmazon.co.uk

OPIS PushMeFon cable, £39.907 of 7

OPIS PushMeFon cable, £39.90

Wrap your finger around this corded telephone, which is an absolute steal at £39.90. Don't let its snot green colour put you off; it'll look great surrounded by succulents and indoor plants. Everyone that comes into your flat will be sure to ask you where you got this old-fashioned phone from. As you explain it's off Amazon, they'll be busy getting their phones out to call it and having their minds blown when the red light goes off. Or, is that just my mates? Amazon.co.uk

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