The best bubble tea kits you can buy on the internet

The perfect gift for yourself or a fellow boba buff to make at home 🧋

Best bubble tea kits: glass of milk bubble tea with tapioca pearls

by Ruby Barry |

There's no better feeling in the world when you're out shopping with a mate, and they say "you fancy getting a bubble tea?" Well, we've got news for you. Bubble tea kits- delivered straight to your home- means you can still get your bubble tea kick even when snuggled up in bed at home.

Originating from Taiwan, it's fair to say that the world fell in love with bubble tea fast and hard. Consisting of colourful fruity/milky flavours and tapioca pearls that pop in your mouth, let's just say, we're obsessed. However, not everyone can visit the local bubble tea shop every day to stab a straw through that plastic topper. Don't panic, because bubble tea kits exist.

Going outside is kinda overrated anyway. Follow our guide here as we find you the best bubble tea-making kit to buy online, as well as explore the origins of bubble tea. There are plenty of options for our vegans, veggies, and gluten-free and halal-friendly eaters. You won't miss out on the fun.

We've put together a list of the best bubble tea kits you can buy for your home, from places like Amazon and Etsy. All come with bubble tea supplies, such as a jumbo straw, which means you get the popping boba experience. These are perfect giftsets for present-giving, or to treat yourself to - self-care is important, after all. Keep reading for all the interesting facts about bubble tea and its origins.

Where to buy a bubble tea kit online right now

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea, or boba tea, was invented in Taiwan in the '80s. It was created from a mixture of milk tea (which was already super popular at the time) and tapioca balls/pearls (a common dessert). The inventor of the drink generally accepted as being true is Liu Han-Chieh of the Chun Shui Tang teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan.

He wanted to change the way people drank tea, so he experimented with putting tea over ice, and bubble tea was born. The tapioca pearls actually came later, and it became known as boba tea (which is what the tapioca balls are also referred to as) because it's a Chinese slang term for breasts. Yep... wasn't expecting that.

Now known as bubble tea in the western world, the modern cup is usually made up of a scoop of flavoured tapioca, milk or fruit tea, ice and syrup. You can also get different toppings in your bubble tea, like grass jelly or egg pudding. Normally, you heat your bubble tea up to stew the flavour and then let it cool with ice. However, you can also drink it hot - you do you.

What's the difference between tapioca and boba?

Basically, tapioca turns into boba balls. Tapioca balls, or pearls, come sealed dry in a packet. They must be boiled and then cooled for 30 minutes. From that, you get your classic boba ball and its texture. You have to get the consistency just right, not too chewy, not too squish; a Chinese expression calls this perfect texture "QQ". However, most bubble tea kits come with their tapioca already pre-cooked, so don't worry about it too much.

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