Emma Chamberlain’s new home is filled with Etsy accessories (and you can get them for as low as £10)

Her new pad is gorg.

by Caitlin Casey |

If you haven't already seen that home tour interview with Emma Chamberlain, where have you been? The 21-year-old YouTube sensation has got a new pad worth almost $5 million and a lot of the accessories are straight from Etsy.

No, we're not talking about the $30,000 chandelier (we wish) or the $17,000 sofa (in our dreams), but it's true, a lot of her kitchenware and bedside accessories are from the affordable online independent store. Etsy, the place where we go for Love Island necklace dupes and cute gifts for our friends is the same place Emma gets her fab interior trinkets.

Taking us through her very chic sage green kitchen, Emma goes into how she sourced some of her from Etsy, saying: “I actually had a lot of fun buying weird vintage stuff for this kitchen."

Holding up her vintage salt and pepper shakers (which are now sold out), she says "For example, what are these? I mean, I don't know. I just found them on Etsy for like five bucks and I was so excited.”

Us too, Emma, us too.

So, in à la Emma Chamberlain, we've hunted down the cutest home accessories you can nab off Etsy. We've got you. Check out the exact (and dupe) products for the pieces below.

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Where to shop Emma Chamberlain's home accessories on Etsy

Emma's Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

Emma admitted that these retro salt and pepper shakers were from Etsy and only "five bucks". An affordable choice for the star, the exact shakers are actually sold out (sad times). Don't worry though, because you can order the same salt and pepper shakers on eBay for just £11, or we also love these Vintage Retro Sputnik Salt And Pepper Pots (£20) on Etsy.

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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

There are tonnes of Russian dolls on Etsy - including the exact ones that are ABBA (£70) and The Beatles (£70) themed in Emma's house. They are pretty expensive, so go for a cheaper £15 classic choice if you want to save a penny or two.

Emma's Glass Chequered Coasters
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

In her living room, we see Emma has these glass chequered dotted around. There are loads of options on Etsy, but we love these coasters from GraceSolStudio that are under £20.

Emma's Tiger Blanket
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

We couldn't help but notice the tiger throw that's on Emma's bed, which she herself calls 'weird'. If you fancy a bright and bold tiger throw too, you can get similar options on Etsy.

Emma's Rebecca Film Poster
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

Emma's dad gave her this 'Rebecca' film poster which hangs in her hallway. Apparently, when Emma's mum was pregnant with her, her parents watched the film as part of a movie marathon. Super cute. Grab the print for just a tenner right now.

Emma's Rugs
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

Most of Emma's rugs are from Woven, but that doesn't mean you can't get a fair dupe from Etsy. There are loads of oldy-woldy classic-looking rugs on the website. We like this distressed choice that starts from £26. Total bargain.

Emma's Vanity Mirror
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

Emma's large vanity mirror with bulb lights on the side? Of course, you can get similar choices on Etsy (for a fraction of the price).

Emma's Snail Sculpture
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CREDIT: Architectural Digest on Youtube

In her bathroom, Emma has this snail sculpture - which we won't lie, is a little weird but we'll let the girl off. If you fancy your own pet snail for your home, there's one on Etsy which is just £10.

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