Pret is bringing back a best seller for one month only and OMG

If you need us we'll be doing a Pret crawl for the entire month of July x

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by Lucy Smith |

PSA: Pret-A-Manger have brought back their best selling Christmas sandwich for ONE MONTH ONLY and, to quote Harry Potter's Filch, we thought you ought to know.

Yep, after demand for the much loved sandwich exceeded expectations, the international coffee-shop chain decided it was about bloomin' time they gave the British public something to look forward to. It's been a hard year and a half, after all.

pret a manger christmas sandwich
The Pret Christmas sandwich is back! ©Pret

So, with Tweets aplenty claiming, "I think everyone needs a @Pret Christmas sandwich right about now," and, "@Pret Thoughts on special release of the Christmas sandwich at the end of lockdown to celebrate?" the good 'ole folks at Pret have gifted us with a wondrous one month of Christmas sandwiches for all.

"While we can’t change the weather or the football scores this summer, we can help people celebrate and recreate some festive joy by reuniting them with their favourite Christmas sandwich," said Pret's UK Managing Director.

In the words of Tiny Tim (in The Muppets' Christmas Carol, of course), God bless us, everyone.

From 10am today until the first week of August, you'll be able to get your hands on Pret's scrummy turkey and pork stuffing sandwich (with, AHEM, a port 🤤and 🤤orange 🤤cranberry 🤤sauce 🤤) to munch on to your heart's delight.


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pret christmas
Pret's Christmas turkey sandwich is available today. ©Pret

AND, because Pret might just be the best brand in the world, they're even giving away one hundred sandwiches at their 182 Wardour Street store in London from 11am today, and the one and only Noddy Holder, a.k.a. one of the band members behind Merry Christmas Everybody, will be the absolute legend to hand them out.

We don't know about you, but that seems like a pretty good excuse to get out and buy a sandwich 👀. Or, you know, if you're feeling a bit lazy, you could just have your sandwich couriered to your doorstep from one of the lovely chaps at Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat? The world really is your oyster.

50p from every Christmas sandwich sold will be donated to The Pret Foundation to tackle homelessness and poverty.

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