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Hurray for adulting!

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I'm just going to come out and say it: adulting is hard. As kids, we couldn't wait to grow up, eat what we want, have our own money and make all our own decisions, but does anyone else spend their time wishing they could go back to being a kid?

Juggling work, keeping the house clean, making sure your animals/plants/children don't die and paying the bills is one thing, but now we're expected to LOOK AFTER ourselves too? Getting enough sleep, seeing people you care about, taking care of your skin, hydrating, exercising, making time for yourself AND having hobbies - I think you'll agree, it's utterly exhausting.

Rather than wallowing in self-pity though, I have a plan. 2020 is a new year. It's the year, in fact, that we totally get our sh*t together and cope with all that modern life has to throw at us... right?! Right. And how will we do this? Well, by BUYING MORE STUFF, of course.

Some brainiacs have decided that these products will make our lives easier, and I, for one, am willing to give it a go.

So, without further ado, here are some items that will absolutely make adulting more enjoyable. Let's do this.

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Products to make life easier

Bullet Planner/Dotted Journal, £14.951 of 18

Bullet Planner/Dotted Journal, £14.95

Bullet journaling hit the big time a few years back, and for good reason. It's a brilliant way to get your life organised, ridding the need for a million and one to do lists. It can be complicated to get used to but once you've nailed it, you'll wish you did it

Meal Prep Containers, £12.992 of 18

Meal Prep Containers, £12.99

Meal prep doesn't have to be a chore. Hop into it with full force this year and feel more on top of your game than ever

Electric Egg Cooker, £13.953 of 18

Electric Egg Cooker, £13.95

Meal prep = eggs, right? Everyone knows that. Not only can you boil multiple eggs in this bad boy, you can also poach eggs easily, showing your friends/partner that you really have it all figured

Metal Telescopic Reusable Straws, £7.994 of 18

Metal Telescopic Reusable Straws, £7.99

Plastic straws are terrible, but paper straws aren't great to drink out of. You can feel good about using yours wherever you go with these foldable metal versions that even come with their own carry

Motivational Water Bottle, £9.955 of 18

Motivational Water Bottle, £9.95

When we were kids, water was literally the devil, but as an adult, you realise you NEED it to function and feel good. Struggle to get your daily fill? This bottle helps you keep track of how much you're drinking so you can feel fresh

Fur Magic Reusable Pet Hair Remover, £9.996 of 18

Fur Magic Reusable Pet Hair Remover, £9.99

Pet owners know the struggle of leaving the house, only to find your sticky roller didn't do the job it should've. Stop making more waste and get better results with this pet hair roller. It literally is

Watering Globes, £4.557 of 18

Watering Globes, £4.55

It truly makes you feel like you're living your best adult life when you can keep plants alive, but having a busy life means you might be away for multiple weekends a year. These watering globes cleverly release water when the plant needs it, meaning you don't have to worry about coming home to a plant graveyard. They're also great if you often forget to water your little green babies... (no judgement here)

AmazonBasics Slow Cooker, £258 of 18

AmazonBasics Slow Cooker, £25

After a full day of smashing it at adult life, you'll want a delicious home-cooked meal to nourish yourself. Slow cookers let you pack all sorts of goodies into a dish and it cooks itself. SERIOUSLY. It cooks, ITSELF. It doesn't get any easier than

Downy Travel Sized Wrinkle Release Spray, £18.999 of 18

Downy Travel Sized Wrinkle Release Spray, £18.99

Ugh. Ironing. Why did people decide that creased clothes weren't the thing to wear? If you're on the road a lot (or just super lazy, again, no judgement) this spray will be a

OXO Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, £12.3610 of 18

OXO Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer, £12.36

Chopping stuff is boring. End of. This clever gadget speeds up the process so you can get to the most important part more quickly - eating!

Durgol Universal Limescale Remover, £13.4511 of 18

Durgol Universal Limescale Remover, £13.45

If you have any appliances in your house that regularly look gross because of limescale, this cleaner is the one for you. It works - just check the

Fresh Mate Produce Saver Food Preserver, £11.9912 of 18

Fresh Mate Produce Saver Food Preserver, £11.99

There's nothing worse than stocking up your fridge full of fresh veg for it to go off just when you fancy a handful of fresh spinach. This little critter delays wilting, mold and more. It's genius and takes no effort what so

Sticky Mat for Car Dashboard, £5.9913 of 18

Sticky Mat for Car Dashboard, £5.99

Forever losing stuff in your car? SatNav keep unsticking from the windscreen? These sticky mats will keep anything safe, saving you time and minimising

Eyebrow Tint, £6.8114 of 18

Eyebrow Tint, £6.81

Finding time to get your eyebrows done during the week is a nightmare, so why not do it at home? It's super easy and lasts for ages.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £17.5515 of 18

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £17.55

Sleep. Glorious sleep. Always seems to evade us, doesn't it? Not anymore! Investing in some lovely remedies to help you catch your eight hours is so easily done. This pillow spray teamed with a calming app and you'll be more zen than ever

Reusable Produce Bags, £9.9916 of 18

Reusable Produce Bags, £9.99

Being a real-life grown up means being responsible for the planet, too, so we should all be doing our bit to reduce our plastic consumption. Start small - take your own produce bags to the supermarket to keep your veggies protected but say no to those nasty placcy

Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, £9.9917 of 18

Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, £9.99

While we're on the topic, you can switch out quite a few of your basics to reduce your waste. These bamboo make-up remover pads are washable, so you can use them again and again. No more running out of cotton pads and no more waste. Bonus!

Self Watering Herb Keeper, £29.3018 of 18

Self Watering Herb Keeper, £29.30

If you're sick of buying packaged herbs and can't seem to keep potted plants alive, this self-watering device is right up your street. It literally means you get fresh herbs whenever you want, for minimal effort. Win-win.


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