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Best hair dryers

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Never on time? Well, your commute from the bathroom to your home office has probs solved this problem over the last couple of years, right? Wrong. You've been spending extra time in bed watching TikTok and rushing to jump on that work Teams call instead. There's only one way to prevent a wet hair disaster on your nine AM call, and it's all thanks to the VERY best hair dryers.

If you're currently feeling personally attacked, don't worry - we're right there with you.

To help narrow down your search for the best hair dryer, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourites. We've looked at everything from wattage to handy functions, which should help you make up your mind.

All that's left to do now is to go shopping and bag yourself the best hair dryer to give yourself that ultimate blow-dry look. You're welcome.

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The best hair dryers you need in your life

Cloud Nine The Airshot Hairdryer, £99.001 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

Cloud Nine The Airshot Hairdryer

Hun, got 99 problems? This hair dryer isn't one. It's just the switch of a button away from making you look on fleek. 🙌

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat settings with a cool shot button.

Cord length: 3m

Wattage: 2000W

Anything else: Storage hook, two nozzles and LED temperature indicator included.

Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe and Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer2 of 11

Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe and Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer

This clever hairdryer improves hair shine and reduces frizz, by using trademarked Nanoe technology. It also helps hair maintain approx. 1,000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer. Clever, eh?

Design details

Heat settings: Two temperature and three-speed settings.

Cord length: 2.7m

Wattage: 1800W

Anything else: It reduces hair damage and split ends thanks to the innovative Nanoe and double mineral technologies

Dyson Hair Dryer - Iron/Fuchsia, £382.993 of 11
CREDIT: boots

Dyson Hair Dryer - Iron/Fuchsia

It's the dryer that's broke the internet, and the quietest blower you'll ever come across. It has amazing features such as state-of-the-art temperature control as well as having the motor in the handle, so it's lighter to hold. Read the full review on this brilliant hair dryer.

Design details

Heat settings: Three-speed and four-heat settings.

Cord length: 2.8m

Wattage: 1600W

Anything else: Magnetic attachments, heat regulation to stop heat damage and negative ions to help reduce static.

Bellissima Italia Creativity 4 You Hair Dryer with Diffuser4 of 11

Bellissima Italia Creativity 4 You Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Using ionic technology to smooth and fight the frizz, Bellissima Italia's range of hairdryers are new and upcoming, but already the range is some of the best about. Not only does it leave the hair silky, bright, and protected, but it also comes with four styling attachments if you want to switch up your look - and a storage bag for taking with you on your holidays.

Design details

Heat setting: Two-speed and three-temperature settings

Cord length: 3m

Wattage: 1520W

Anything else: Ionic conditioning locks in moisture to keep hair healthy and frizz-free.

ghd Helios Hair Dryer5 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

ghd Helios Hair Dryer

This hairdryer is stunning... We're obsessed with its design, which is super lightweight to help give you that ultimate salon-ready hair.

Design details

Heat setting: It has three temperature/speed settings.

Cord length: 3m

Wattage: 2200W

Anything else: The advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and this dryer has a two-year manufacturer's consumer guarantee.

BaByliss Hair Dryer - Rose Blush, £306 of 11

BaByliss Hair Dryer - Rose Blush

Want a frizz-free blow-dry? Then this should be your go-to. Its advanced airflow technology helps to keep your locks under control. Plus, its slim nozzle will help you achieve any look you desire – even cute waves.

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat and two-speed settings, plus a cool shot.

Cord length: 2.2m

Wattage: 2200W

Anything else: It has a removable filter, hanging loop and superionic frizz-control.

Remington Proluxe Ionic Hair Dryer7 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

Remington Proluxe Ionic Hair Dryer

Calling all those with thick hair... This little beauty will help tame your unruly locks in record time. Plus, it won't be frizzy AF either.

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat and two-speed settings.

Cord length: 3m

Wattage: 2400W

Anything else: This hair dryer comes with a removable diffuser and has opti heat technology.

TRESemme Fast Hair Dryer8 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

TRESemme Fast Hair Dryer

Are you on a budget? This dryer will tick all the boxes as it does everything you want it to do, like style your hair. It's good to know that it isn't that noisy either.

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat/speed settings.

Cord length: 1.8m

Wattage: 2000W

Anything else: You'll find a cool shot button and it's lightweight.

ghd Airu00ae Drying Kit Professional Set9 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

ghd Air® Drying Kit Professional Set

The name says it all: light and airy. You're going to have a 'good hair day' every time you use this dryer. This powerful set will ensure your hair always looks Insta-ready; cue big-blowing industrial fans.

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat and speed settings.

Cord length: 3m

Wattage: 2100W

Anything else: Not only does this have advanced ionic technology but it also has an ergonomic design, two sectioning clips, a ghd air diffuser and a size three ghd vented radial brush.

Panasonic Pink Nanoe Hair Dryer10 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

Panasonic EH-NA65 Pink Nanoe Hair Dryer

Get healthy-looking hair by switching to this incredible hairdryer. You'll defo have that hair flick, flawless shine moment. We want this, just for that.

Design details

Heat settings: Includes three speed and four temperature settings.

Cord length: 2.7m

Wattage: 1875W

Anything else: Attachments include a concentrator nozzle, quick-dry nozzle and a diffuser.

Rose Gold Hair Dryer11 of 11
CREDIT: amazon

Lily England Rose Gold Hair Dryer

We cannot fault this hairdryer for aesthetics. Who doesn't want a sleek, rose gold number on their vanity? For the price, it's an absolute bargain, even if the cord is on the shorter side. We love that this is lightweight and easy to handle. However, the nozzle does get hot if you use it on full blast - so make sure to get your heatproof mat out.

Design details

Heat settings: Three heat settings, two-speed controls and a cooling shot button.

Cord length: 2m cord

Wattage: 1800W

Anything else: This has a quiet sound so that you don't wake up the neighbours.

Now that you've bagged yourself the best hair dryer, we've pulled together some useful information on heat protection and more.

Hair drying FAQs

Can hair dryers damage hair?

Wherever you look, there are different theories about whether or not hair dyers are bad for your hair. What is clear - if you use this hair essential wrong, then it can damage your hair. OMG!

How to use a diffuser and why it'll help style your hair

Do you have curly or wavy hair? A diffuser can help you style your locks and curb the frizz. To use, this device you simply need to attach the diffuser to your dryer and then section your hair. After you have parted it, move the diffuser in circular motions to dry.

When is the best time to use a hair dryer?

The best time to use your dryer is after letting your locks dry naturally for around 10 to 15 minutes. Before blasting, don't forget to apply heat protection spray and any styling treatments.

Are hair dryer attachments universal?

We wouldn't recommend using hair dryer attachments on different models. Each is designed differently, so you'll probably find that these attachments don't fit. And, even if they did, they probably wouldn't give you the best results.

Should I use a hair dryer if I have fine hair?

If you have thin hair, you should be SUPER careful when it comes to putting heat on your hair. You must use heat protection spray to prevent any damage to your hair. Top tip: the best dryer for you will be one where you can control the temperature settings as well as have attachments like a concentrator.

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