7 incredible TikTok hacks for the perfect ‘curly hair blow dry’

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by Hannah Mellin |
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We can't put into words how much of a better mood we're all in after we've had a bouncy blow dry - either at the salon or at home.

We're often led to believe that there are special tools, magic products and techniques that hairdressers use that mean we could never recreate the salon blow dry at home, but this really isn't the case. We're just creatures of habit.

We normal folk can't have a glam squad follow us here there and everywhere (so unfair, we know) and having a weekly or monthly blow dry is ultimately, a huge treat that many of us can't afford which is why we look to our manual of life (TikTok) to help achieve a salon blow dry in our bedrooms.

Get ready to blow dry like a pro with these incredible tips that have gone viral.

TikTok hacks for the perfect blow dry

We've scoured our FYP to get the best blow dry hacks. You're welcome.

1) Use a combination of blow dryer and rollers

TikTok user @bekskerridge credits the iconic Dyson airwrap for her bouncy blow dry but there are so many more on the market to choose from. However, she still keeps it old school by using rollers to set her hair by letting the hair dry in a certain shape or form that creates the wavy texture.

2) If you've got a fringe, use the pin curl method

@haiirologybyjen explains that if you've got a fringe, blow dry away from your face first and then use the pin curl method to help set it while you get to work on the rest of your hair.

3) Make sure your hair is 50-70% dry

A blow dry myth that truly needs to be debunked, you should always start with 50-70% dry hair for the best results.

4) Always point the hairdryer nozzle downwards

Never let your hair touch the nozzle of the hairdryer, this helps to avoid the nastiest heat damage.

5) Products are key

From Olaplex to

From Olaplexto detangling spray, there are so many tried and tested products that help your hair look shiny and soft AF.

6) Try a heatless blow dry

Reducing the amount of heat that we use on our hair does wonders for the condition of our locks. During lockdown in 2020, heatless curls leapt in popularity and sparked a huge craze for creating curls without using curling tongs, hairdryers and straighteners.

These days, there are so many ways to achieve heatless curls, from fabric scraps and bathrobe belts to the old-school velcro rollers

Seriously, we are in awe.

If you prefer to use heat, make sure you use medium heat when blow drying your hair, to cut down the heat damage. It may take a little longer, but you'll see less damage.

7) Use the right brush

There's a reason why we watch hairdressers use round bristle brushes to blow dry hair - a paddle brush or Tangle Teezer just won’t do the job properly.

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