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Ah, wine. To what do we owe the pleasure? There's nothing quite like popping a bottle on Christmas day to celebrate spending time with the family, opening your lovely prezzies and the joy that is, Christmas dinner.

If you're planning on having a house full this December, there's one thing you mustn't do: run out of wine. The shock! The horror! The utter disappointment.

One way to combat this would be to purchase your wine in bulk, investing in a case so that you know you'll always have a bottle waiting. Plus, it'll help you save money, too!

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? A wine case also makes a brilliant present for someone who religiously practises #WineWednesday and loves to try new things.

We've scoured the web to find some of the best and most delicious wine cases, for the perfect festive bash, or a brilliant gift. Bottoms up!

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Wine cases for Christmas

Fine Wine Sellers Easy Drinking Wine Selection x 6, £43.971 of 11

Fine Wine Sellers Easy Drinking Wine Selection x 6, £43.97

Hosting a dinner party? This great mix from France, Australia and Chile ensures that there's something to suit everyone.amazon.co.uk

JP Chenet Light Sparkling Rose, £24.902 of 11

JP Chenet Light Sparkling Rosé x 6, £24.90

Love fizz but not a fan of Champagne or Prosecco? Let this fruity Sparkling Rosé win you over with its wild strawberry and red cherry flavours.amazon.co.uk

Ashbourne Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay 2018, £71.703 of 11

Ashbourne Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay 2018 x 6, £71.70

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a cheese board, and this is the most delicious wine to pair with it this year. Hailing from the Western Cape of South Africa, this fresh and vibrant Sauvignon Blanc balances exceptionally with the unwooded Chardonnay making it easy to drink and very moreish. winebuyers.com

Blossom Hill White Zinfandel x 6, £304 of 11

Blossom Hill White Zinfandel x 6, £30

Perfect for a festive night in with the girls or as a gift for someone who loves rosé, this fruity Blossom Hill White Zinfandel has an aroma of strawberries, is lively on the palate and has a refreshing finish.amazon.co.uk

Laithwaite's Wine Best Selling Red Wine Mix, Case of 12 Bottles, £107.985 of 11

Laithwaite's Wine Best Selling Red Wine Mix x 12, £107.98

If you're a red wine drinker, this case of 12 will be right up your street. Made up of Laithwaite's Wine's best-selling reds, it's based on real customer purchases, so you know it's good.amazon.co.uk

Virgin Wines Celebratory Selection, £54.666 of 11

Virgin Wines Celebratory Selection x 6, £54.66

This case was made for parties, featuring a mix of reds and whites, as well as a delicious bottle of Prosecco too. Ideal for any shindig. amazon.co.uk

Bluebell Vineyard Estates Hindleap Sparkling Trio,  £63.757 of 11

Bluebell Vineyard Estates Hindleap Sparkling Trio, £63.75

This trio of award-winning sparkling wines will have your guests smacking their lips this Christmas. Featuring a Sparkling Rose, Classic Cuvee and Blanc de Blancs, you'll be taken on a fruity, floral and fragrant journey.winebuyers.com

JP Chenet Merlot, £398 of 11

JP Chenet Merlot x 6, £39

Easy drinking and perfect with white meats and cheeses, this is a smart choice to have on your table for Christmas dinner. amazon.co.uk

Vegan & Organic Collection, £97.809 of 11

Vegan & Organic Collection x 6, £97.80

If you're hosting someone who's vegan for Christmas this year, don't forget the wine! This great selection of vegan and organic wines features an easy-drinking style of Veltliner, a Pinot Noir, a Chenin Blanc, a Merlot, a zesty Albarino, and a delightful Cabernet. Well-balanced and suitable for a variety of palates.winebuyers.com

Simonnet-Febvre - 100 Series Pinot Noir 2017, £77.9410 of 11

Simonnet-Febvre 100 Series Pinot Noir 2017 x 6, £77.94

One of this writer's favourites, a Pinot Noir is a great all-round choice for pairing with turkey, potatoes and sprouts this Christmas. Smooth tannins and a good length make this wine perfect for white meats, but can also be paired with a chocolate cake for dessert. The perfect all-rounder.winebuyers.com

Virgin Wines Top Selling Cust Favourites Mix, £86.4311 of 11

Virgin Wines Top Selling Cust Favourites Mix x 12, £86.43

Tried and tested by Virgin Wines customers and voted as the best, this case of 12 contains a mix of reds and whites that are sure to please your guests this Christmas.amazon.co.uk

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