Yankee Candle launches new range of autumn candles inspired by ‘campfire nights’

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Yankee Candle

by Marianna Manson |

Yankee really have a talent for making the candles we all NEED in our lives, don’t they?

Over Easter they released this incredible chocolate egg scented candle that team heatworld were all low-key obsessed with and now they’ve launched a whole range of newbies inspired by the autumnal months.

So we know fallen leaves and pumpkin spice are still a way off yet and getting back in those pub gardens is the order of the day, but there’s something about Autumn that gets us feeling all nostalgic and we’re already looking forward to snuggling up with a book next to one of these beauties.

Called the Campfire Nights range, these scents will invoke all the sparkly atmosphere of the 5th of November and include A Night Under the Stars, Warn & Cosy, Crisp Campfire Apples and Pecan Pie Bites.

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We're particularly loving the sound of the Pecan Pie Bites one, which has all the tasty appeal of their chocolate offering earlier this year.

"The scent of miniature pastries, just right for sharing, with a sweetly spiced filling that's loaded with the scent of toasted pecans," reads the description.

And if you'd rather get your sugar hit in the form of fruit, the Crisp Campfire Apples says, "The scent of freshly picked apples cooking over the fire in the crisp night air."

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