The cosiest Yankee Candle scents for autumn

It smells like AUTUMN 😍

Best Autumnal Yankee Candle

by Aimee Jakes |

Yankee Candle sure knows how to get us in a seasonal mood. The cult-favourite candle company threw us into a frenzy when they dropped their Chocolate Eggs candle for Easter (we can confirm, it smells exactly like Mini Eggs).

They also got us feelin' warm and cosy with their autumnal collection with one of the candles named... erm, Warm and Cosy.

Why not scroll through all the best autumn candles available from Yankee Candle smelling like autumn in a jar. These candles will be added to our basket quicker than you can say "Halloween".

It's not just Yankee Candle that offer some of the best autumnal candles, we have also listed some of our fave candles from brands like The White Company, Replica and The Otter Candle Co.

heat's tips on getting the most out of your candles

Trim the wick - it'll mean your candle burns more evenly.

Let the wax pool - each time you burn your candle make sure you leave it to burn long enough that a pool of fragrant wax can scent the whole room.

Always burn safely - keep out of reach of small children and away from furnishings or curtains.

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