Cool gadgets for men to make you the best gift buyer in the land

Because life's too short to give bad gifts.

Turntable and phone grip

by Jade Moscrop |

It isn't shocking news that most men find it difficult to shop for women, but we just can't understand why. Puppies and Prosecco, is that so hard to grasp?!

Men, on the other hand, can be NIGHTMARES to buy for. If we had a tenner for every time a man in our lives said, "Oh, I don't want anything", or "I don't know", we'd be millionaires.

One thing that's certain though, is that you can't go wrong with a cool gadget. Whether it's an electronic gift, a nifty instrument to make life easier or just a bit of fun, you're bound to be on the money with these.

Cool gadgets for men

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Cool Gadgets For Men

Sony PlayStation Classic Console
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There's nothing quite like a nostalgic trip down gaming lane, is there?

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone with Camera, £29.99
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If your dad, brother or other half dreams of being a drone expert, this starter model will be perfect for them this

Retro Briefcase Turntable, £59.99
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Got a vinyl lover in your life? Give them the joy of playing their pride and joys loud and proud with this trendy

Mattel FFB15 Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game,
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If you know someone who's a budding designer (or even a fully fledged one), this build your own video game kit will keep them entertained for

True Utility CardSmart 30-in-1 Wallet Multi-Tool
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Everyone needs a multi-tool for those emergency situations, and this one fits in a wallet.

Smartphone Projector 2.0, £19.99
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Turn everyday YouTube videos into grand cinematic events with this nifty smartphone

GoPro HERO (2018)
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Any outdoor enthusiast needs a GoPro in their lives to show off to their friends and start their YouTube career - it's practically the

Grip Strip
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This handy little thing sticks sunglasses, smartphones, pens, keys and much more, so it's ideal for that one person you know who loses

PlayStation Alarm Clock
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Forget using your phone as an alarm, use this PlayStation controller

Upgraded V4.2 Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones
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Keep your head warm AND listen to music. Why can't more things do more than one thing?

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer
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Politely tell your fella that he needs to sort out his nose hair with this powerful space-age tool.


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