Preppy outfit ideas to bookmark in 2023

Get top trend marks with these preppy outfit ideas

by Cigdem Tanrioglu |
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It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by trends and multiple outfit ideaswhen trying to find the perfect daytime look.

But if there is one trend that will work every day it is the preppy look.

From the Coach and Celine catwalks to our fave celebs and influencers, everyone is loving the preppy aesthetic right now and it is easier to see why.

While the word preppy may give you flashbacks to your youth, this trend is far from the basic school uniform look. Think Gossip Girl season one – knee-high socks, loafers and pleated skirts. Bonus points for a headband of course.

Plus, this fun trend is the perfect mix of smart-cashj, meaning it will work for pretty much any daytime occasion. So whether you’re trying to find the perfect outfit for bottomless brunch or trying to create a cute look for your birthday, it is time to go back to school with these preppy outfit ideas.

Sweater vests are your new BFF

Sweater vests have been big news recently, and we’re obsessed. This little piece of knitwear is the perfect finishing touch for a ’90s preppy outfit.
Don’t be afraid to go retro and channel your inner Carlton from The Fresh Prince when it comes to this preppy outfit idea. Try wearing a checked sweater vest over a polo top or shirt and team with tailored trousers for a cute preppy outfit.
You can also tone down this outfit idea, by ditching the prints and opting for plain neutral tones – which is great if you’re a fan of the vanilla girl trend.

Wear your jumper over your shoulders

Sometimes it isn’t what you wear, but how you wear it. Take the humble jumper for example.

Draping your knits over your shoulder is the perfect way to give even the simplest outfit a cute, preppy spin.

The trick to getting this look right is to keep your whole outfit simple and make sure you’re draping your jumper over a casual t-shirt or polo neck top, rather than over your bulky winter coat. Plus, if it suddenly gets cold or you want to cosy up, you’ve got an extra layer to hand - ideal if you’re dressing for the airport.

Pair socks with your mini

If there is one combo that we will always associate with the 90’s preppy aesthetic it is the mini skirt and knee-high socks (bonus points if it is a pleated skirt).

This classic preppy outfit idea may seem a bit daunting and give you flashbacks of your school uniform, but trust us when we say it is more wearable than you’d think – you just need to keep it simple and wear it with confidence.

And if getting your legs out feels a little too daunting, switch to a midi-length skirt teamed with a polo top and sunnies for a cool preppy summer outfit.

Switch to your school sweater

Prefer to keep it comfy in jeans & a hoodie? We’ve got you covered!

Pairing an American-style slogan knit with your jeans will take your outfit from basic to a super cute daytime look. And it doesn’t stop with jeans, pairing a slogan sweater with a pleated skirt or over a summer dress is a super fun yet feminine way to wear the trend.

Plus, this cute preppy outfit idea is an easy way to wear the matching couples trend – you just both need to wear the same school jumper!

Loaf-ing around

If there is one shoe you should invest in to nail the preppy trend it is the oh-so-versatile loafer.

This shoe-drobe classic will instantly give any outfit a preppy spin – even if that outfit is as simple as jeans and a chic shirt.

Plus, let’s face it – they’re super comfortable and are ideal for running around town for errands. What’s not to love?

Suit up your hoodie

Give your tailored co-ord a street style-inspired update by wearing a hoodie underneath.

Not only is this ensemble super comfortable, but it will make your suit feel more daytime appropriate – perfect if you’re going out for lunch or going on a coffee date.

Embrace the bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are set to be huge in 2023, so ditch your denim and biker jackets in favour of this retro style.

The best bit about this new jacket trend is that you really have fun and play with colours.

Try keeping it simple and wearing your bomber over sneakers, jeans and a tee for an easy daytime look. Or try pairing a bomber over a mini skirt or dress and sneakers if you prefer to create more of a feminine, cute preppy outfit.

We recommend using these easy-to-wear outfits as a starting point for wearing the preppy trend. However, unlike other trends, this is one where you can really play with your clothes and channel your inner teen. So as you gain confidence wearing simple preppy outfits, you can start to have fun and really play with colours and add accessories like glasses and caps.

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