Cigdem Tanrioglu

Cigdem Tanrioglu is Senior Style Writer.

Usually found in a floral frock, Cigdem is our resident mid-size girl who is dedicated to finding bargain buys that will make everyone look and feel great all the time.

And when she isn’t scouring the high street for the perfect outfit, she’s testing out the latest products to make her fine hair look thicker or hunting out make-up to suit tanned & olive skin tones.

With over 10 years experience in the magazine industry, Cigdem has worked with the likes of Fabulous Magazine, The Sun, Woman Magazine, Woman’s Own & Essentials Magazine.

Nicknamed ‘Tropical Barbie’ by her friends, Cigdem is a lover of all things pink & sparkly and lives for cracking out her summer wardrobe at every given chance.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Cigdem either solo travelling around the world, binging the latest reality love series or reading her horoscope waiting for news of a handsome man entering her life (FYI she is a Capricorn and is hoping for Chris Hemsworth).