Euphoria’s Angus Cloud has a new job and it stinks

If Fez does die in season three, Angus has an expensive Plan B

Angus Cloud Euphoria

by Nathan Katnoria |

We all know and love him as Euphoria’s Fezco, but actor Angus Cloud has bagged a swanky yet smelly new job as the face of Polo by Ralph Lauren Fragrances. He can be seen in the brand’s latest digital campaign, which celebrates the iconic Polo Green, Polo Red and Polo Blue scents.

Angus has made no secret of the fact that he’s a massive Ralph Lauren fan and has collected more than 200 of their pony logo branded polo shirts over the years. He said, “Every time I was in the thrift store, anything with a Polo pony on it, I would grab that. At a certain point, I realised I hadn't worn a t-shirt in a couple months… that was the start of it, collecting Polo ponies."

Angus Cloud Euphoria
©Polo by Ralph Lauren Fragrances

This clearly went down well with the brand as Alexandre Choueiri, global president of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, said, “When meeting Angus at an event last December, we really loved the authenticity of his Polo story, his kindness and his unique style that resonates in today's world.”

Fear not though, Euphoria fans (so basically everyone), as Angus’ new venture doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving the hit HBO drama. In fact, the show has just been renewed for a third season.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Angus Cloud…

How old is Angus Cloud?

Angus is currently 23 years of age. He was born on 10 July 1998, making him a Cancer.

Where is Angus Cloud from?

Angus is from Oakland in California, where he attended Oakland School for the Arts.

What is Angus Cloud's height?

According to his IMDb page, Angus is 5' 11" or 1.8m tall.

Angus Cloud Euphoria

What movies and TV shows has Angus Cloud starred in?

As well as his breakout role as Fez in Euphoria, Angus has also starred in the 2021 film North Hollywood. He's set to appear in two upcoming films, The Line, alongside Halle Bailey and Alex Wolff, and Your Lucky Day.

Does Angus Cloud have a girlfriend?

Angus usually keeps his love life out of the spotlight but some Euphoria fans are convinced he's secretly dating background actor Sydney Martin, who had a minor role in the first episode of the show's second season, after a selfie of them looking very cosy leaked online.

A source also told gossip blog DeuxMoi that the pair were dating and added, "They don’t follow each other, but apparently they’re very lowkey. She even reposted a pic of Angus on her Insta story the other day.”

There's also been rumours surrounding Angus' relationship with his on-screen girlfriend Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi, which were only fuelled when they were spotted at an "intimate" dinner earlier this week.

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Fez Euphoria death: does Fez die on Euphoria?

Euphoria fans are convinced that Fez could die in the final episode of season two and have spotted a number of clues in a trailer for the finale. Angus also discussed the possibility his character could die in a recent interview with Complex.

When asked if Fez’s kindness and compassion could lead to his “demise", he teased, "I mean, it’s definitely possible. You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust.”

Is Fez from Euphoria inspired by Mac Miller?

When Euphoria first premiered back in 2019, viewers couldn’t help but point out the uncanny resemblance between Angus’ character Fezco and late rapper Mac Miller, who tragically died from a drug overdose in 2018.

While Angus does have a similar likeness to Mac, Euphoria bosses have never confirmed whether the character was based on the rapper.

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Does Angus Cloud have Instagram?

He sure does. Angus posts show promos, behind the scenes photos, and memes on his account @anguscloud.

Does Angus Cloud have Twitter?

Yep, you can follow him at @anguscloud.

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