Biggs Chris’ latest brand endorsement has Love Islanders in HYSTERICS 🍆

Whatever pays the bills, hun

Love Island's Biggs Chris

by Nathan Katnoria |

We can’t help but feel a bit sorry for this year’s Love Island lot – not only have they not been able to bring in the big bucks on the nightclub PA circuit like the Islanders before them (just ask millionaire Wes Nelson) but there were also less chances to get their faces back on our telly boxes as filming has been out of the question for most of the year.

So, tbh, we don’t blame them for making the most of all the brand endorsements that come their way on social media BUT we were a little taken aback when we saw the latest product that Casa Amor bombshell Biggs Chris was promoting on the ‘gram.

The mechanic turned reality star has been flogging supersize condoms and it’s got his celeb pals in stitches.

Biggs shared a video urging his followers check out the brand as he (rather smoothly) slid the box across the counter and said, “Make sure you check out Magnum large size condoms for safe sex and comfort.”

It’s an important message tbh but of course, Biggs’ Love Island pals couldn’t resist ribbing him – no pun intended – for the sponsored ad.

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Yewande Biala and George Rains

Yewande Biala and George Rains were not even in the villa at the same time but outside they seem to be having a whale of a time. Fans were buzzing in August when the Casa Amor star appeared to have Yewande's makeup all over his face.

“Of all the brand partnerships yeah. Enjoyable 👌🏿🤝😂,” laughed Josh Denzel, who recently went public with new girlfriend Ruby Wong.

Love Island 2018 bombshell Jordan Adefay (remember him?) then added, “Been looking for this kinda size for a while. Nice one bud 😂😂😂.”

Biggs’ fellow Scottish Islander Jamie Clayton commented, “Thank god! Finally a size that fits!”

All aboard the banter bus, lads.

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This all comes after Biggs’ girlfriend Rebecca Gormley came under fire from her Instagram followers for taking part in an “offensive” photoshoot.

The former beauty queen was accused of cultural appropriation after sharing a number of snaps which show her posing with a horse as she wears a headdress with feathers, a belted fringe coat and traditional Native American jewellery while holding a totem pole.

“MY culture is not a costume. This is very saddening to see this. #hella #culturalappropriation,” wrote one.

“Cultural appropriation, much? Did this all for a photoshoot. They’re nice pictures but she did not have to be dressed like that. This is offensive to people of Native American race,” remarked another.

There were some fans who defended Rebecca though, with one writing, “Everyone talking about cultural appropriation is being ridiculous. We can admire other cultures and allow it to influence how we dress and eat. If you eat Mexican food you're not stealing Mexican culture and if you dress like a vampire you're not appropriating Transylvanian culture.”

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