Big Brother 8’s Charley Uchea: where is she now?

Charley and Chanelle's arguments are still ringing in our ears...

Charley Uchea

by Kerry Martin |

Big Brother has been off our screen since 2018 but in 2020 fans took a trip down memory lane when Davina McCall and Rylan Clark-Neal revisited some of the most iconic episodes in the show’s history to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever had us reminiscing about the Big Brother golden years when Davina McCall wore THAT 'Big Mutha' top, and most importantly when the sound of Charley Uchea arguing at the top of her lungs filled our living rooms every evening.

As of August 2022 it's been confirmed that Big Brother will return in 2023 and it's left us thinking about the iconic housemates including self-proclaimed 'It girl' Charley Uchea. She became a BB fave thanks to her rows with Posh Spice lookalike Chanelle Hayes, so here's what she's doing nowadays...

Who Is Big Brother's Charley Uchea?

Lewisham-born Charley Uchea, now 37, was most famous for her fiery and argumentative stint on series eight of Big Brother. The former lap-dancer and cousin of ex-England international footballer Kieran Richardson has been flying very much under the radar since she finished the show.

What happened during her time on the show?

There was A LOT of arguing. About anything and everything. Remember that time that she had a full-blown argument for 10 minutes with Chanelle Hayes about how old Rihanna was? Iconic. Against all odds, she survived eviction until week 8 with the series seeing Brian Belo being crowned victorious 5 weeks later.

Charley Uchea
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Charley Uchea's audition video

We've just managed to unearth this absolute gem here at heatworld, and hearing her state that she goes out virtually every day of the week apart from Tuesday whilst "blazing it up and having a laugh" is the sort of carefree attitude that makes us miss her just a little bit.

What did she do after Big Brother?

Alongside doing various PA's and multiple TV shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats, Friday Night Project and The Weakest Link, she also spoke at the 'Mind Your Language' debate at Edinburgh TV Festival as a result of her racist comments she received during the show.

Charley was spotted most recently at an MTV event as London's swanky Tape nightclub last year and she looks completely different - but still glam as ever, tbh.

She was also linked to Lauren Goodger's ex Joey Morrisson following his release from prison in 2018.

What's Charley's Twitter and Instagram?

Charley's Twitter @1charleyuchea hasn't been active in 6 years but we're obsessed with her bio, which reads, "I'm just an ordinary girl in a complex world tryna make it happen."

Classic Charley.

She's way more active on Instagram, where she regularly shares glam bikini snaps with fans. You can follow her at @charley.uchea if you're into that sort of thing.

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What did Charley Uchea do?

We're not entirely sure tbh... Formerly she worked both as a lap dancer and as a sales assistant and it appears that she opened her own interior design shop in Bromley in 2013, but that no longer looks to be open for business :( So if you're reading this Charley we hope you're good? Please feel free to drop us a tweet xxxx

What happened when she was on 8 Out Of 10 Cats?

Appearing on the Channel 4 panel show on 5th September 2008, Charley appears to gets angry and swears at the audience about the constant booing and chants of "Get Charley out!" that she still received post-Big Brother. Host Jimmy Carr and panellist Danny Wallace egg the audience on in the studio by starting these chants once more. To that, Charley responds, "You know what f--k it I'm off mate! I want a fag anyway so you can keep saying what you want."

After misconstruing a compliment paid to her by panellist Jason Manford, she stormed off the set which was greeted by cheers from the audience.

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