Charlotte Crosby reveals why she was forced to leave boyfriend Liam Beaumont

“Sad sad sad times”

Charlotte Crosby leaves boyfriend Liam Beaumont Australia

by Nathan Katnoria |

Charlotte Crosby has looked happier than ever since going official with her boyfriend Liam Beaumont last year when she exclusively confirmed to heat that they were dating. But the loved-up couple are sadly being forced to spend weeks apart after the former Geordie Shore star jetted out of the country for work commitments.

Charlotte is currently in Australia for six weeks to work on the next series of her podcast Values and Vibrators but revealed the sad news that Liam wasn’t able to join her due to travel restrictions.

The reality star was taking part in an Instagram Q&A when one fan asked her, “Why did Liam not come with you?”

Charlotte looked emotional as she explained, “As you can imagine Australia is so so so so strict atm. They aren’t even accepting tourist visas!

“I have work so I have a special work visa, Liam couldn’t get a visa as he wouldn’t be working there 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 sad sad sad times.”

She continued, “Gonna miss him loads but it’s gonna fly by! I keep imagining the moment we will be reunited again! Lmao I’m not even there yet and I’m already thinking about the reunion.”

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As a fresh-faced 18 year old un-corrupted by booze (maybe), Charlotte vowed she "would never kiss anyone without a six pack" when she first appeared on Geordie Shore, and following her love life – and stellar career – over the best part of a decade, she's certainly a woman of her word (although we had our doubts about Mitch). It's fair to say she's had her fare share of heartbreak, and wasted a few too many years pining after Gaz and his parsnip. But it was good while it lasted (sometimes), so we're looking back over Char's past lovers for a trip down a distinctly blurry memory lane...

Charlotte Crosby leaves boyfriend Liam Beaumont Australia

Despite missing her man, Charlotte tried to stay positive and admitted they had been apart for a similar amount of time at the start of their relationship.

She told fans, “The beginning of our relationship he actually went over to Bali for like five weeks so we have done it before I suppose.”

Charlotte also seemed over the moon to be heading to Australia (and who wouldn’t be, tbh?) as she gushed, “I’m currently on route to Australia and I can’t wait to finally meet my podcast team in actual person.”

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Charlotte’s trip to Australia comes after she labelled former flame Gary Beadle the “biggest idiot” as she threw shade at her exes during a recent episode of her podcast.

Charlotte was discussing her love life with her mum Letitia and when asked who she thought her daughter’s worst boyfriend was, Mama Crosby said, “I’m going to be honest, there are two that are as bad as each other.”

Charlotte replied, “A lot of people who are listening to this would class Gary (Beadle) as my boyfriend, even though he never was. But do you think he would take the number one spot? I think he would take the number one if he was.

“I think it would be quite shocking if G came last, considering what I went through.”

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