EXCLUSIVE Chloe Ferry to QUIT Geordie Shore for ‘quiet life’ away from the cameras

The reality star admits she's ready to ditch her TV career

Chloe Ferry quit Geordie Shore quiet life

by Nathan Katnoria |

Chloe Ferry has become one of the most popular Geordie Shore cast members ever since joining the show back in 2015 but, six years after entering the radgiest house in Newcastle as a fresh-faced 19 year old, she’s admitted she could be ready to say goodbye to the MTV show.

Chatting exclusively to heat ahead of two-part anniversary special Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon, Chloe admitted that she’s thinking of quitting TV and taking a step away from the limelight.

The reality star told us she’s “so different now” to the person she was when she first joined the show and has lost interest in being on TV.

Chloe said, “I’m probably going to do just one more series of Geordie Shore and then I think I’m done with that now. I want to start steering away from TV, to be honest. I want to start expanding my salons.

“I feel like I’m so different now to what I was when I was first on TV. I want to start doing more of the business side of things. That’s what interests me.”

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Geordie Shore Chloe Ferry quit ten years on the toon
Nathan, Charlotte and James are taking part in Ten Years On The Toon ©MTV

However, Chloe admitted that while she longs for a “quiet life” away from the cameras, she would reconsider her decision if she was offered her own show.

She continued, “Eventually when I’m older I want to go to an island and live on a farm where no one knows us.”

Fair enough, hun.

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While Chloe is considering a career away from the public eye, her co-star Nathan Henry has no such plans.

Although he said his time on the show will “eventually come to an end”, he has “no plans to leave” just yet.

Nathan told us, “I’m looking forward to going back this year because obviously being in lockdown, I’ve been in this house by myself, so the only contact I’ve had with people is literally through Zoom on my phone, so to actually be in a house filled with everyone, I can’t wait.”

He jokingly added, “But, after three weeks I’ll be like, ‘Please get me home, I hate these people, it’s disgusting, I want my own bed!’”

Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon premieres 25 May and 1 June at 10pm only on MTV.

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