Chloe Ferry breaks silence on engagement rumours 💍

The Geordie Shore star is ready to settle down amid rumours she’s engaged to Johnny Wilbo

chloe ferry engagement ring

by Daisy Hall |

Geordie Shore legend Chloe Ferry was recently spotted sporting a pretty sizeable diamond ring on her fourth finger, sparking rumours that she and her boyfriend of nearly four months, Johnny Wilbo, were engaged.

The reality star how now addressed the rumours for the first time and, honestly, we did NOT expect her response.

Not only did Chloe confirm that she and Johnny are definitely not engaged, she let slip that they aren't even an official couple yet.

Chloe Ferry boyfriend
Chloe posts pics of her man on Instagram Stories on the reg ©Instagram

She told The Sun, "I’m not actually in a relationship, basically I’m meeting someone as a friend and I’m enjoying his company. I don’t like to rush anything. I’m not in a relationship, I’m just enjoying his company at the minute, I do like him but I don’t like to put pressure on things, I like to take things really really really slow.

"It’s nice and I’m enjoying it. We haven’t put a label on it because we don’t want to rush anything."

Chloe added, "I am not engaged, but eventually when I do meet the next person I get with or with Johnny, I want this person to be the man that I marry. I still want my 10 kids, I’ve got to start soon because I’m getting old. I’m not engaged, I wish I was already engaged. I’m not.

"He's probably one of the best guys I've dated, I could trust him with my life. He’s a good lad but we’re not putting any pressure on it, we’re not in a relationship, we’re just meeting every other week."

While they're not officially an item, here's everything you need to know about Chloe's latest love interest...

Who is Chloe Ferry's boyfriend?

Chloe recently confirmed she's dating Johnny Wilbo, a 25 year old from Manchester, although she stressed they're not an official couple at the moment.

Johnny usually maintains a low profile, so not much is known about him at the moment. His Instagram profile pic is a snap of him at a wrestling event, which could be work related but he could also just be really into fitness.

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Scotty T

Although this wasn't technically a relationship, the two slept with each other on and off during their time together in the Geordie Shore house before Scotty decided to pursue things with Chantelle Connelly.

How did Chloe Ferry and Johnny Wilbo meet?

Just months after ending things with Hollyoaks star Owen Warner, Chloe reportedly found love with new man Johnny.

Things moved pretty fast, and Chloe was soon sharing pics from their glammed up dinner dates and they even attended a friend's gender reveal party together.

The two also recently flew to Turkey together in order to escape the UK's winter weather.

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Is Johnny Wilbo on Instagram?

As far as we can tell he's not got a public Instagram account.

And although he regularly features on Chloe's Instagram stories, he still hasn't yet made it onto the grid...

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Is Chloe Ferry pregnant?

Short answer: no... but that doesn't mean that she and Johnny haven't been thinking about it.

In a recent Instagram story, Chloe revealed that Johnny had a whole notes page on his phone, dedicated to their future baby names.

The list consisted of: Grayson, Cole, Axel and Augustus.

Funny how they're all boy's names... Anything you want to tell us Chloe?

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