Coleen Rooney’s fury at Wayne’s public support for Vardy

She’s not impressed with his Jamie love…

Coleen Rooney fury Wayne Rebekah Jamie Vardy

by Kate Randall |

When you’re caught up in a bitter legal battle with a former friend, the one person you’d expect to be on your side is your husband. So, understandably, Coleen Rooney was furious when other half Wayne publicly spoke out in support of Jamie Vardy – husband of Coleen’s arch-rival Becky – and also acknowledged the fallout between the two women for the first time. Now, she has apparently read him the riot act.

Coleen Rooney fury Wayne Jamie Vardy Rebekah Vardy
Coleen's furious with her hubby ©Getty

“Coleen was livid when she read Wayne’s comments – she couldn’t believe he’d be so disloyal as to talk about it in public,” our insider says.

“She knows that Wayne thinks this battle with Becky is ridiculous and that they should end it, but publicly she wants everyone to know that her husband is behind her. So, for him to talk about Jamie, and mention her and Becky’s court case, is humiliating. She felt there was no need for him to bring it up. But Wayne doesn’t see what the big deal is as he was talking about football.”

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Wayne Rooney Coleen Rooney

Even though they first met at school when they were 12, Wayne and Coleen first started dating after they finished school at the age of 16.

Wayne Rooney Jamie Vardy Coleen Rooney Rebekah Vardy
Wayne spoke out in support of Jamie ©Getty

Revealing that he is Team Vardy (Jamie, that is), Wayne was speaking about the England squad for the upcoming Euros. He said he thought Jamie should be included, despite him retiring from international football over two years ago and therefore not being an option.

He wrote, “One man I wish was in Gareth’s squad is Jamie Vardy. I would have tried absolutely everything to lure him out of retirement for these finals. I know some people may be surprised at this, especially with the legal case between my wife and Jamie’s wife, but this is my honest football opinion.”

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In October 2019, Coleen, 35 – who has sons, Kai, 11, Klay, eight, Kit, five, and Cass, three, with childhood sweetheart Wayne – accused “Rebekah Vardy’s account” of leaking stories about her to the press. Becky, 39, strongly denied the accusations and is now suing Coleen for libel. The next hearing is due next month, and Coleen is livid at Wayne for making it seem like he doesn’t support her.

“Things between Wayne and Coleen had been really good, and now he’s done something stupid again,” our insider adds. “He didn’t need to talk about it in public. She just wishes he could support her more on this and feels embarrassed by what he said. But Wayne thought she should never have done this in the first place, and in his opinion, he was talking about football and nothing else. He doesn’t have a problem with Jamie, and he wants everyone to know that.”

Read more in the latest issue of heat magazine – OUT NOW.

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