Victoria Beckham: back to Spice World

Come on, Vic, Say You'll Be There for the sequel

Victoria Beckham Spice World sequel

by Charlotte Oliver |

She’s achieved a hell of a lot over the years, but if you ask us, Victoria Beckham’s finest hour was her Oscar-deserving performance in the 1997 filmic masterpiece Spice World. Specifically, the moment when she flaps about fully clothed in the Thames after the girls’ boat capsizes, desperately shrieking, “This dress is dry-clean only, Melanie!” Perfection.

So, news that she might be donning her little Gucci dress and coming back for a rumoured sequel is pop music to our ears. According to our insiders, she’s not totally adverse to the idea, especially since husband David and the kids are egging her on. Are you listening, members of the Academy? You’d better start dusting off that award.

“She may have drawn a line under her Spice Girls past, but she could be persuaded to do the movie, even if it’s just a cameo,” says an insider close to Victoria, who was largely applauded at the time as the film’s standout star, owed to her massively OTT send-up of the Posh persona.

“Geri [Horner] has been bombarding her with messages and giving her all the various script possibilities, which have really got Vic laughing. She’s not said no, which is a big thing for her. She’s turned down so many things in the past because she’s been worried about the fashion world rejecting her or people laughing at her, but she’s not as concerned these days. She’s trying to be a little more open and not immediately shut things down.”

Victoria Beckham Spice World sequel
©Spice Productions

Last week, it was reported that Geri, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C – who reformed two years ago for their sell-out UK and Dublin reunion tour without Victoria – have been approaching screenwriters ahead of Spice World’s 25th anniversary next year, with the view of getting back together for a long-awaited sequel. And sources say they’re keeping everything crossed that, if the movie’s green-lit, Posh will be up for taking part, especially because, while her singing in the band was never rated, her acting chops were second to none. “It’s still in the early stages, but they are talking to established names in the business, which proves they are taking a big screen comeback seriously.”

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. While, until now, Victoria’s always prioritised her fashion commitments, she’s had a change of heart, especially since recently spending four months with David and their children, Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and nine-year-old Harper, in Miami, and adopting a more laidback lifestyle. The Beckhams returned to their UK country pile last month and, while Vic’s looking forward to getting back to the day job, she’s also trying hard to maintain her new-found sense of calm.

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Victoria's the only member WITHOUT a solo number 1

Out of Your Mind - her collaboration with True Steppers and Dane Bowers - was pipped to the post by Spiller's Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) back in August 2000. Oh, how we miss those big chart battles.

Victoria Beckham Spice World sequel
©Spice Productions

Last week, the family celebrated David’s 46th birthday, and in a loved-up pic and accompanying caption, Posh wished “a very special husband and the most incredible daddy” a happy birthday, showing her fans how together they are. Our insider tells us she’s also up for reminding people of her fun side. At the same time, she’s still business-savvy, and with her fashion company recently reporting losses of £16.5m, she knows that taking part in a Spice World sequel will only boost her popularity.

“Living in Miami has given her a new, chilled-out perspective,” we’re told. “And from a business point of view, she knows a PR boost would be the smart move. Her business is a bit of an uphill struggle at the moment, and she knows this could be a great benefit. David agrees – he and the kids are very enthusiastic about it. The Beckham children are only just realising now how big the Spice Girls were back in the day, and they keep telling her what a big opportunity this is.”

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When the Spice Girls first disbanded in 2000, Brooklyn was just a baby – and while the other three Beckham juniors have always been aware of their mum’s Posh credentials, they’ve only once seen her in full-on Spice mode, when she joined the other girls for their first reunion tour in 2007, before Harper was born. Speaking on the Breaking Beauty podcast last week, Vic talked about their reaction to her popstar heyday. “It seems like such a long time ago,” she said. “My God, my kids look at old paparazzi pictures and they’re like, ‘Mum, you were so cool!’” She added, “I met Beyoncé a few years ago, and she actually said to me, ‘It was the Spice Girls that inspired me and made me want to do what I do.’”

Clearly, Vic’s feeling nostalgic about the past, and with David, the kids and her former bandmates urging her on – plus Beyoncé’s implicit seal of approval – it seems that there’s every possibility she’ll say yes to the sequel. But the big question is, how will they ever top the first film, which among its many highlights, had aliens, male dancers with cut-out bum holes and Roger Moore stroking a piglet? To quote one of VB’s lines from the original script, “Hold on to your knickers, girls!” We are, Posh, we are.

Read more in the latest issue of heat magazine – OUT NOW.

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