David Beckham exposes Victoria’s ‘leg day’ and LOL

"Can’t even have a coffee without lunging Vic"

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by Heat |

The Beckhams never tend to go too long without sharing what they’re up to with their millions of devoted Instagram followers.

From Croatia to the Amalfi Coast, Posh and Becks - aka Victoria and David Beckham - have not missed an opportunity to soak up the sun lately, nor has the fashion designer-turn-fitness fanatic failed to miss leg day, as her husband managed to hilariously capture on video.

Aboard a luxe yacht, David, 47, clearly had different holiday expectations from his 48-year-old wife. Whilst he unwound with a coffee, Victoria – who even went so far as to pack a resistance band as well as sportswear - was determined to squeeze her lunges in. Grinning from ear-to-ear at having caught the moment on camera, David captioned, “WAIT FOR IT 😂 can’t even have a coffee without lunging Vic 😆 @victoriabeckham”.

The Spice Girl – no stranger to a very strict exercise regime – quipped back, “Looks like I lost my training partner this holiday David!😂”

Vic has previously revealed that her typical workout is a 7km run, followed by a PT session, which involves “30 minutes legs, 30 minutes arms, toning and conditioning, then loads of planks and that kind of thing for my core”.

She explained why working out gets her set for the day, “It clears my mind. It's also where I have lots of ideas. It's a time when I'm not on the phone, I'm not with the children, I'm not with David; I can literally just be left alone.”

The Beckhams’ eldest son Brooklyn and his wife Nicola Peltz also relished some time in the sun, having recently returned from a romantic honeymoon in Saint-Tropez.

Documenting some highlights from their trip, Brooklyn took to Instagram with a photo album captioned “my person”.

Blatant modesty if you ever did see it!

And while there were some very cute moments of the newlyweds embracing married life in Southern France, the main star in the string of snaps was Brooklyn himself.

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