Demi Jones shares ‘haunting’ video taken before cancer diagnosis

She's been so open with her followers

Demi Jones

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Demi Jones has shared an old video to Instagram prior to her thyroid cancer diagnosis as she urges followers to ‘check your lumps’.

The Love Island 2020 star was diagnosed with the illness earlier this year and has been keeping fans updated with her treatment and recovery, and has now created a story highlight where fans can look back over her journey.

Demi Jones lump
The lump was "the size of a golf ball" ©Instagram stories

In the first story from before her doctors appointments, Demi can be seen showing the sizeable lump on her neck to her followers, telling them she was “stressing out” and that the lump was “getting bigger”.

She explains, “I’m genuinely scared right because I’ve had this lump on my neck for about two years and it’s getting bigger.

“I don’t think this filter is doing it much justice. You can sort of the see the ring of it here. It’s actually massive. If I sort of swallow you can see it better.”

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Demi Jones surgery
She shared this post from after her first surgery ©Instagram stories

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She continued, “But I’m scared because I’m literally supposed to have an appointment in September, every month they’ve been rearranging it because obviously the pressures on the NHS and stuff at the moment because of Covid.

“It’s been six months and I’m still not getting it checked and it’s getting bigger and it’s like stressing me out. I’m noticing it so much more in pictures.”

She wrote underneath the video, “So I was making a cancer highlight on my Insta and came across this video from March and it’s haunting. Little did I know.”

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Back in May, a week after announcing the news, Demi revealed she’d been the target of cruel trolls who accused her of lying about her diagnosis.

“Even with my cancer, I’ve still had nasty comments, [people saying] 'she’s lying', this and that. I just woke up and thought it’s ridiculous,” she said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

“I don’t respond to anything, I’m quite strong and it’s not worth my time. It makes me sad. I’m not lying about this, it’s a really serious thing and I don’t want to be going through this.”

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