Love Island’s Shannon Singh EXCLUSIVE: ‘Some Islanders were happy I left’

Here's how Shannon REALLY feels about being dumped


by Hannah Mellin |

Love Island fans were left shocked last week as the brutal first dumping saw Shannon Singh unexpectedly booted from the villa after just 48 hours - the quickest exit in the show's history. Shannon left the villa when late arrival Chloe Burrows chose to couple up with her man Aaron Francis, leaving her single.

In true queen style Shannon took her exit on the chin, telling Laura Whitmore on Aftersun that she was “a bit mortified but there was no love lost” and the Scottish lass has even been rumoured to head back to cause more trouble in Casa Amor.

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Despite being hella busy, Shannon made her way onto heat’s Under The Duvet to spill the tea on her short but sweet villa shenanigans, alongside Love Island 2020 ‘congrats hun’ legend Shaughna Phillips.


Reliving the dramatic moment she received the text saying she had to pack her things, the Scot revealed, "When it happened, did you see how cheeky I looked? I was like ‘hehe’, I thought I was going to go on a date!

"I didn’t realise I was going to get dumped and then I got like winded and then I was fuming. So I was getting ready and I was like, ‘get me out of here!’. Then I went through the stage where I was embarrassed and now I’m here."

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Chris then asked her if she was 'stroppy packing', to which she admitted, "Do you know what annoyed me a wee bit as well? Everyone was like, ‘Oh my god!, I was like, ‘Can you just not?’. I think some of them were secretly happy but it’s fine. I’m here, I’m happy, I’m glowing. It is what it is."

Now that's the attitude to have!

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year's Islanders had to quarantine for two weeks before entering the villa, which means that Shannon quarantined for longer than she lasted in the villa.

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