Demi Sims shows off ‘silly’ £1300 sandals and fans are divided


by Angelica Daujotas |

Chunky shoes are everywhere nowadays- chunky boots, chunky trainers, chunky heels. But one shoe that certainly wasn't on our radar was chunky Crocs.

In a recent Instagram post, Demi Sims is seen posing in a pair of ridiculously-high black Crocs. And not only that, but they retail at a whopping £1300. Why not, eh?

Demi received an array of mixed responses to her shoes, with one person even commenting, "Don't trip in those bricks'. Ouch. Another added, "Sorry the Crocs are not nice, only my opinion though!"

However, not all the feedback on her big ol' Crocs was negative, with one fan saying, "Now THAT is what you call a pair of Crocs."

But if you're looking to recreate Demi's platform Croc look, they'll set you back a good £1300 as naturally, they are from Balenciaga. Who'd have thought crocs were so expensive?

This isn't the first time Crocs have gone wild this year, after the first episode of Love Island aired earlier this year, Ikenna turned heads as he waltzed into the villa wearing pair of bright blue swimming trunks and black Crocs, embellished with charms.


The islander's look did not go unnoticed, as the New Look team observed a 150% search increase for black Crocs, as well as a 500% search increase for Croc charms after the episode aired.

A few days before the new season, Laura Whitmore was also spotted wearing a pair of bright yellow crocs on her Instagram, with her initials embellished on each one - iconique, if you ask us.

So, if you're interested in shopping Crocs, or Croc charms, shop our top picks below.

Rock crocs just like Ikenna


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Don't forget to accessorise with some fresh Croc charms

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Crocs are totally back in style and we're here for it.

Interest in the UK for Crocs reached a whopping 1300% increase for searches on Google, and if that's anything to go by you should get them added to your cart asap.

This should come as no surprise with Crocs trending on both Tiktok and among our fave celebs, with the likes of Justin Bieber and Post Malone even releasing their own collections that flew off the shelves almost instantly.

Justin Bieber's Drew House X Crocs collaboration
©Photo: Crocs Europe

You can shop the now out of stock Drew house x Crocs collab on resellers like StockX.

Crocs Classic Clog Justin Bieber with drew house 2 Lavender

We can't wait to see what other islanders pull out a pair of crocs this summer, and maybe we’ll see the pair “couple up” on the outside on a brand deal with Crocs this summer, because we're totally sold already!

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How to style your new Crocs

Follow Ariana's example and rock a croc with a sock! We love everything about this, I mean Ariana can do no wrong.

Do it like JB and pair your crocs with your favourite denim and a comfy hoodie for an effortless look perfect for running errands.

Who says Crocs aren't red carpet ready. Follow Questlove and dress up your Crocs for any event, even the Grammys!

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