EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Shannon Singh teases Casa Amor return: ‘See you there’

'I'm not ruling anything out'

Love Island Shannon Singh Casa Amor return

by Nathan Katnoria |

There’s one thing you can expect from Love Island, and that’s the unexpected. Just ask poor Shannon Singh, who was brutally dumped from the villa after just 48 hours when late arrival Chloe Burrows chose to couple up with her partner Aaron Francis.

The 23-year-old Scottish lass became a victim of the quickest dumping in the ITV2 dating show’s history, but before she’d even arrived at Palma de Mallorca airport, the rumour mill began swirling with speculation that she could return during Casa Amor.

Alongside 2020 Islander Shaughna Phillips, Shannon joined KISS Breakfast’s Harriet Rose and Love Island legend Chris Taylor on the latest episode of heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI and of course we gave her a good grilling about whether she’s really returning to the show.

Love Island Shannon Singh Casa Amor return

When asked about the rumours, Shannon coyly replied, “Who knows? I’m not ruling anything out.

“Never say never”

Ooh, you big tease.

She added, “Do you know how many conspiracy theories there’s been that I’m not actually in London?"

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Love Island Shannon Singh Casa Amor return
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We might not even need to wait until Casa Amor for Shannon to return though, as she told us how she’d really like to make a comeback to the villa.

She said, “If I went in, I wouldn’t even want to go in at Casa. I’d probably just randomly rock up or just be in the wardrobe and wait for Faye or someone to open it and be like, ‘Hi, good morning!’.”

Just IMAGINE the scenes.

Still, she couldn’t help but hint at a Casa Amor appearance one last time at the end of the show as she teased, “See you there.”

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When asked if she would do anything differently if she went back into the villa, Shannon said, “I said I was a bit uptight. But you know what, I’ve got no regrets. I was me.

“The day you’re entering, you think you’ve got it sussed out, but it’s completely different to what you could imagine.”

Shannon’s not the only dumped Islander who is up for returning as Chuggs admitted he’d be up for going back in after receiving the boot.

Following his exit, the bucket hat entrepreneur said, “I’d go back after more bombshells have gone in. Casa Amor would be the perfect time to go back in.”

Ooh, what a twist that would be.

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