Gogglebox star Ellie Warner’s boyfriend: his age, job and accident

The Gogglebox favourite is dating Nat Eddleston

Gogglebox's Ellie Warner and her boyfriend Nat

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The Gogglebox lot have earned themselves loads of fans ever since the show began in 2013, with everyone tuning in every Friday night to find out what the cast think about the latest and greatest TV shows.

Among the fan favourites are Ellie Warner and Izzi Warner, two sisters from Leeds, who have appeared on the show since 2015.

Although they usually keep their private lives out of the spotlight, Ellie and Izzi often talk about their partners and families. Ellie’s boyfriend Nat Eddleston also hit the headlines last year when he was left fighting for his life following an accident.

If you want to know more about Nat, allow us to fill you in…

Who is Ellie Warner's boyfriend Nat Eddleston?

It's not known how long Ellie and Nat have been dating as they keep their relationship quite private. Not much is known about Nat either, although Ellie first mentioned him on Gogglebox back in 2018 and he's even appeared on the show a handful of times. He also regularly pops up on Ellie's Instagram.

What happened to Ellie Warner's boyfriend Nat Eddleston?

Nat was involved in a serious accident in March 2022 when he was hit by a car while walking home from a night out, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

He was placed in intensive care after suffering a broken neck and back as well as two collapsed lungs.

Ellie and her sister Izzi took two months off Gogglebox in the wake of the incident, with a source telling The Sun, "Ellie's focus, 100 per cent, is on Nat and supporting him in his recovery.

"She's been told to take as much time off as she needs and it is very unlikely she will be returning during the current series. Producers have told her to take as long as she needs."

A friend of Ellie's also spoke to the publication. They said, "Her heart is totally ripped in two by all of this and she is still in a state of shock about how things have ended up. Right now all that Ellie is focusing on is making sure she is there for Nat."

Do Ellie Warner and her boyfriend Nat Eddleston live together?

Ellie and Nat moved in together in 2021 after buying a house in Leeds. They are renovating the property and Ellie regularly shares updates on her home Instagram account @throughmykeyhole.

Are Ellie Warner and Nat Eddleston married?

She previously described him as her "true love" (as well as a kebab - iconic) but Ellie and Nat aren't married yet.

Speaking about marriage on Gogglebox, Ellie told her sister Izzi, "I said to Nat this morning, 'When we get married what type of wedding do you want?' And he went, ‘A shotgun wedding!'

"So I said 'ooooh does that mean you want me to be pregnant before we get married?' and he said 'no'. I actually want to know what he thought a shotgun wedding was."

Ellie then called Nat and he revealed he thought a shotgun wedding is where he would be "forced to get married".

Do Ellie Warner and her boyfriend Nat Eddleston have children?

Ellie and Nat welcomed a baby boy called Ezra earlier this year. He made his Gogglebox debut in June 2023, with Ellie also posting a picture of her son on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Sweet baby Ezra 💛 he has made our lives complete 🥰 we love you so much son 🥹."

Does Ellie Warner's boyfriend Nat Eddleston have Instagram?

As he usually stays out of the spotlight, Nat doesn't appear to have an Instagram account - a public one, at least.

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